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  1. Muv-Luv

    #357942012-08-14 04:01:01Senkonna said:

    Yes, you're required to watch that entire PV at the top.

    Am I seriously the only one that plays this series here? The only one that's wallowed in the despair that is Muv-Luv? More so Muv-Luv Alternative? There are tits and tight bodysuits too. Go play, go download and play it right now.

    An anime adaption of Total Eclipse is airing right now too.

  2. #358372012-08-14 14:04:47 *Senkonna said:

    Awesome, PM me if either of you need download links.

    By the way, Extra is kind of blah, Unlimited is better because of the actual PLOT, and Alternative is hands down great. But you DO need to get through Extra and Unlimited though.

  3. #358472012-08-14 16:24:38BakaPoon said:

    OH jeez, i just opened the program, worse UI for extra and alternative, so i have to play in windows mode... wont fit on my big screen.... but ill get back to you when i finish the game ^^

  4. #369022012-08-21 17:07:04break said:

    i got into it only a short time ago, and im not even finished with Extra yet but i guess im gonna dash through it when i really have time for it.. the mainreason i didnt get into it before was the lack of loli admit xD