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  1. Che Guevara

    #359332012-08-15 06:48:26 *pigeons said:

    What's theColorless' opinion on Che Guevara? My pacifist friend dislikes him for being a murderer, but flowers and hugs don't start revolutions...

  2. #359402012-08-15 07:00:41 *n1xx said:

    Guevara mentioned himself, in his diary, that if he and Fidel Castro had more pacifist ways of triggering the revolution, they would have done so. However, circumstances behind Fulgencio Batista's regime apparently gave them no choice than to proceed the way they did.

    About the man himself, I particularly admire his devotion in humanitarian aid, and that, wherever he went. Unsure if it was because of his duty as a physician or simply because he had quite a sense of justice, he was very hardworking and loyal, when came time for it.

    Furthermore, I find it fascinating that, up to this day, details and reasons of his death are still being strongly debated. It is hard to tell if the tales of Castro eliminating his rival are but simple conspiracy theories born from a population that had much faith in Guevara, or if the fact that he was murdered by Bolivian troops and the CIA are, in fact, true.

    On a lighter note, I find him particularly attractive. <3

  3. #360622012-08-15 23:09:46 *Nandaba said:

    Some things about Che Guevara that not many people know:

    • He was an avid rugby and chess player.
    • Was a poetry fanatic, specially of the works of Whitman, García Lorca and Neruda. He could recite the Martín Fierro, a 3000-line Argentine poem, by memory. Aside from this he was also a very enthusiastic reader.
    • Fluent in both Spanish and French, he also knew a tad of Quechua, English, and Japanese.
    • When he wasn't giving out summary executions to traitors to the Cuban guerrilla (something sad, albeit kind of expected as the second-in-command), he would teach Literature to his men. During his mandate in Cuba he formulated a Literacy plan which increased the literacy rate from the low 70% to 98%.
    • In school, his favorite subjects "included philosophy, mathematics, engineering, political science, sociology, history and archaeology".

    So, his slight sociopathy aside, he was one hell of a self-taught scholar. He also dated a 15-year-old for two years... at the age of 22. Stupid sexy Ernesto.

    (Knew Japanese AND dated a 15yo? Man, Che was the original lolicon.)

  4. #361872012-08-16 22:13:28Polnareff said:

    Quick Question, Weren't they supposedly fighting "Our Capitalistic overlords?" or was that just some random piece of BS i heard