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  1. schoooooool

    #359462012-08-15 07:17:03pigeons said:

    Rate the following by how much you enjoy learning or studying, from favorite to least:








    What was your GPA in High School?

    Describe yourself in 3 words

  2. #359472012-08-15 07:22:12Domo said:

    Yeah I hate listing and I'm pretty neutral towards most subjects so my favorite is math and my least favorite is English also I am not in high school so I don't have those classes and my gpa was 4.0. I don't know how I would describe myself in three words because you'll judge me by my choice of words so I'm not going to

  3. #359502012-08-15 07:26:49 *Senkonna said:

    I don't enjoy learning any of those, nor school in particular; I just happen to be exceedingly genius-tier and outdo anyone who tries, because effort can go fuck itself. As for my GPA, take the highest number you can think of, and multiple it by the highest number you can think of, then add infinity to it squared.

    Describe yourself in 3 words

    I am God.

  4. #359572012-08-15 07:40:51AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Art class was dropped from the school system three days into me taking it so I don't know.

    Biology was hated while I took it because all we did was copy notes off the board. (tolerated)

    English is ok with me. I do well in the subject. (Favorite)

    Mathematics will not be discussed. (Least)

    Physics has never been taken before so I don't know.

    Programming: refer to Physics.

    Philosophy: refer to Programming.

    High school GPA will be stated when I complete it. I'm currently a Junior so it won't be too long.


  5. #359832012-08-15 11:57:08shafnat said:

    ART~~ oh man, i love art so much. BIOLOGY~~ i love biology because i'm easy to remember things about it.

    ENGLISH~~ yeah! english! actually, i love english since i joined thecolorless. since that, i'm always have a good score in english! thank you CL!

    PHYSICS~~ i dont know why i hate physics. all those formulas and things. argh. but i should study more in this.

    PROGRAMMING~~ umm, not bad, not good either for me.

    PHILOSOPHY~~ i dunno.


    high school GPA? i'm still a first grader of high school.

    3 words : I AM THEBESTARCHITECT. (assume it as 3 words.nyehehehe)

  6. #359892012-08-15 13:12:59Kyuuun said:

    French - My teacher just transferred from France, he's doing this teacher switch thing, program and he's so cool. Math - LOL. Not a big fan but my teacher is pretty chill so it's okay. Science - ugh, my teacher sucks i don't even know, but like the class looks alright. English - As much as I love writing and reading, The Odessy? Come on, like, stop. make us read something that we haven't read before disfhisdfhasdifsdifhsdf. PE - its ok but i dont like PE so omfg

    Improv - IM REALLY SHY. Getting up in front of people freaks me out, I didn't even sign up for it okay.

    - I also have Theater Tech but I haven't been to that class yet, today is my first day of it.

  7. #360352012-08-15 19:16:50Paratoxical said:

    Art and English are my advanced level subjects. i have to enjoy them or else i'm f*cked. (i'm apparently the best English student in my class, and my english sucks most of the time)
    Mathmatics on second place because i don't attend the subjects listed below

    Biology, nope
    Physics, nope
    Programming, nope
    Philosophy, nope

    and i'm too lazy to list the subjects from my lesson plan....

    Describe yourself in 3 words: i'm apparently too stupid to find three words that would describe me

  8. #360422012-08-15 20:10:31 *Senkonna said:

    homeshool: slack off all day; put in maybe 20minutes of work...still passes everyone that goes to public school

    Yeah, this sentence screams advanced student.

    OH WAIT, THAT'S NOT A SENTENCE; THERE'S NO PERIOD. "Homeshool" must be a great thing though. If I start "homeshool", can I misuse semicolons too? And use the wrong verb tenses?

  9. #360482012-08-15 20:42:54someone said:

    Art- Meh.

    Biology- I once failed a test on the eye, even though my dad works in optometry. oops.

    English- Was actaully a fun course in grade 12. Except maybe the ISU that spanned three months of straight up reading. Arrgh.


    Physics- My major is computer engineering. Draw you conclusions from there.

    Programming- ^

    Philosophy- Hue.

    What was your GPA in High School?- Online calculator tells me 3.33, GPAs don't really apply in Canada :V

    Describe yourself in 3 words: I don't know.

  10. #361172012-08-16 07:05:33 *momo said:
    • AP Computer Programming: Nothing but Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament, Diablo 2 and Worms Armageddon ALL DAY ERRDAY, then a little project or two on the side to get an A.

    • Graphic Design: See above.

    • Art: See above

    • Culinary: Took four years of it, I had better have liked it. Also was vice-prez of the Culinary Competition Club, won a couple contacts with my current roomate.

    • AP English: I kicked ass in this class due to a great love for wordplay, logic, and vocabulary. I didn't care too much for some of the books we were req'd to read.

    • AP Probability and Statistics: Best math class I ever took. Who needs Calculus!?

    • Honors Chemistry: We did self-study for much of the period, then classwork. Classwork wasn't graded, homework wasn't collected til the end of the term, tests were everything. Spent the time drawing, bullshitting with friends, and listening to music, passed with flying colors.

    • PhysEd: VOLLEYBALL ALL DAY ERRDAY. Baseball and soccer weren't too bad, but damn am I terrible at offense in football.

    • Spanish: First year was terrible, second was pretty great. Hot teachers in both.

    • Yearbook: I cannot believe we had an entire class for this, I did nothing the entire time and still somehow got more done than most of my classmates, ended up designing most of the pages in the yearbook, doing half of the copy, and doing much of the editing in the last month to meet our print deadlines.

    • Overall GPA:

      • Unweighted: 2.92
      • Weighted: 3.74

    Description: I AM BOSS

  11. #361302012-08-16 12:18:56 *sully said:

    In high school i took:

    • Art A*

    • Math B

    • English Literature and language A, A

    • Spanish B

    • Double Science, A*, A*

    • Fast track, I.T Merit

    • Fast track History C

    • Geography A

    • Religious education A*

    What's a GPA? All i know is that i have 11 GCSE subjects rages from A* to C

    Describe yourself in three words I AM ALIVE!

    Edit: I live in the UK so the GPA doesn't apply to me

  12. #363772012-08-18 19:17:24Kyuuun said:

    Okay, I lover Theater Direct. God bless that class. And Improv isn't as bad as I thought it would be at all, actually, it's a lot of fun.