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  1. BECK - Moon on the Water Duet (looking for female vocalist)

    #361102012-08-16 05:45:32 *Ipotane said:

    After recently re-watching Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad I decided i wanted to cover this iconic song. However, upon trying I realised that this song really is done best with two parts! I'm making this thread because i don't know many singers on CL so i think this will help me send a message out to anyone who may be interested.

    That's where you come in (literally)! I'm looking for a female vocalist to accompany me in singing this song. All i'm really looking for is someone who is confident in their singing and willing to give it a shot. To me it doesn't really matter if you're good or not as long as you're willing to give it your best and have fun whilst doing it so don't be shy!

    I have an instrumental of the song already and i'm waiting until I've got someone to accompany me to sort out what parts we should give each other before recording my vocals. I'm pretty confident i can do this song but I really want to make this a duet to convey the feelings in the song.

    So if you're interested send me a PM or reply in the thread and we'll go from there!

  2. #361122012-08-16 05:55:44 *Wolfangle said:

    hmmmm if only it was possible to ruin this with a metalcore cover.. T~T if only i had a quality mic..but seriously, id like to see someone on cl do a cover on would be a nice attraction to this thread

  3. #511212013-03-22 16:45:04Ipotane said:

    Nah, i don't have the right microphone for it any more besides this is a long dead thread if you want to sing maybe you should do it yourself @PigBoss ?