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  1. The Lands of Cololeross

    #361492012-08-22 07:15:13 *Chestnut_Rice said:

    Here is the link to the old Opening Post

    Here is the link to the general information document about the continent of Cololeross.

    READ here:

    Chapter 0: The Era of SENseless Rule by Sen. Set in AL 423, August 12.

    Chapter 1: A Letter to Land's End by Chestnut_Rice. Set in AL 423, August 19.

    Chapter 2: A Respite in Kad'yak by BboyNoblesse. Set in AL 427.

    Chapter 3: The Birth of a Rebellion by Noodle. Set in AL 423, Winter.

  2. #361572012-08-16 17:32:27Chestnut_Rice said:


    That can be arranged.

    You'll have to write it, though. :<

    And please no thing too... outrageous or it'll pre' much ruin the rest of the story's credibility. But yea, certainly. That is an option... What if you were Emperor and the story is that you're a total fuckbag or some thing and all your vassals want to kill you? Sounds like a good premise, lmbo.

  3. #361602012-08-16 17:51:00Chestnut_Rice said:

    I'm making a map, do you think this would help? :<

    I'm thinking: your father/grandfather/great grandfather led the forces of Humanity and Civilization as they fled a plague from some distant land that we don't care about and landed on this continent, then proceeded to pre' much exterminate the native population and set up an Empire with 7 Kingdoms, 6 vassals and the last being the Imperial demesne. Crown's passed down, blah blah blah. You're a douchebag, every one hates you and that's where the main story begins. A preface sort of? Details are up to you, but I guess this would be a necessary vague setting. Let's see what you can come up with!

  4. #361612012-08-16 18:08:25Chestnut_Rice said:

    I had to screenshot Google Maps 3 times, and clean out words. ._.

    But yea, COLOLEROSS (Queen Charlotte Islands, but who's gonna notice?)

  5. #361652012-08-16 19:02:54judar said:

    This sounds really cool ahh ♥ ! Though I doubt it'll carry through unfortunately ;u; However, I'd be happy to help making graphics, flesh out characters etc. e u e !

  6. #361722012-08-16 20:30:53 *Senkonna said:

    Ah, my bad, I didn't read your post before writing this, feel free to make any changes you want then or just not use it. So have something I wrote in 10 minutes without proofreading.

    A ruler is someone who the ruled may look to and may place their beliefs in.

    Though above the ruled, a ruler must also see himself as an equal to them.

    A ruler need not be the ideal person, but must still strive to be.

    A ruler must know humility.

    And, more so than anything else, a ruler must put their people before themselves.

    "Aaaaah, what's with women these days? They turn into hags the second you take your damn eyes off 'em. It's not like I mind getting new servants, but fuuuuck is it pain in the ass when it happens so often."

    Emperor Sen was far from any of these things.

    He cared not what sort of example he set.

    The concept of equality was as foreign to him as mathematics to a newborn.

    He was his own ideal person; therefore, striving for what he had already achieved was not worth his time.

    He had shown humility but once in his entire life.

    And he saw his people as nothing but another throne for him to sit upon.

    He is a man that trampled on the established system, without any acceptable reason, to fulfill his own whims. He is fueled by nothing by lust, being called the very incarnation of the word by his people. He takes very little action, only indulging in the trivial privileges of his position while pushing the labor of maintaining the empire on those beneath him, and when he does act, it's only in his own interest. A man who would send thousands of his soldiers to certain death against one of the numerous dangerous beasts roaming this land for the mere purpose of having it served to him for dinner.

    Even now, there are countless assassination plots with him at the very center, but like the many that came before them, there’s little hope of their success. That is because, this man, despite his countless transgressions, is strong. He is strong to the point that it’s an injustice to the laws of nature. But that ridiculous strength is how he came to rule.

    4 years prior, the heir to the Empire was Prince Sen, who had been raised from birth to be as proper an emperor as his predecessors. Groomed from the moment he could walk in the ways of a ruler, he led those around him with his natural born charisma and benevolence. The people of the Empire felt blessed to have the opportunity to one day follow this man and his seemingly limitless potential. However, when the day of his coronation came, that opportunity would be pried from the people’s hands.

    “Prince Sen, Hero of the West, a saint to your people, an unapproachable enemy to all that threaten this great empire, my heir, my son, you have grown to be a ruler worthy of this crown, and with no shame, I can say you are far more worthy than this declining old man.”

    “No, Father, you and all of those that came before paved the way for me. Assuredly, I am able to stand here as this person before you due to your guidance.”

    The King was moved so that he thought he would pass on to the next life where he stood.

    “WHAT HUMILITY! My people, the future of the empire will shine like no other under the rule of Prince… no, Emperor Sen!”

    Hearing “Emperor Sen” at last, the people present erupted into cheers, anticipating the glory this new emperor would bring to them. However, their cheers were interrupted with a crash. A knight tasked with guarding the area around the ceremony was sent flying through the doors of the throne room.

    “M-My Liege, an intru-… a-a-ack…”

    The knight was not given the chance to finish his sentence; the intruder had thrust his sword through the once honorable warrior’s throat.

    “Seriously, knights sound so damn annoying through their helmets, at least take it off or something if you're going to talk.”

    “W-W-Who?!” shouted the aging Emperor.

    The intruder looked turned to face the father and son.

    “Hey there, this may be a bit sudden, but I’ll be taking the throne now. I just wanted to tell you that you can’t do anything about it.”

    “Kill him,” the Emperor commanded in a meek voice. Normally in this sort of situation, the best thing to do would be to apprehend this intruder. There was always the chance he was working for a rival nation, so killing him would also kill off any chance of gathering information. But the Emperor felt a chill from this person, something that told him that he should not be left alive.

    The knights charged in at the intruder, but their limbs retreated as the intruder severed them. Horrific. This wasn’t anything except meaningless slaughter.

    “Do not engage him!” a booming order came from a knight that was clearly different from the others. The Knight Leader. He drew his sword and pointed it at the intruder.

    “I will take him on. Intruder, I-“ the decorated knight’s life had already been extinguished; the intruder had landed a decisive blow.

    “Don’t worry, I used the back of my blad-… oh wait, I guess that doesn’t really work with broadswords.” A joke in poor taste as it could clearly be seen that the Knight Leader’s torso had been separated from the lower half of his body.

    The people fled, whoever this intruder was, they felt being in the same room as him would lead to their deaths, but… they couldn’t make it past the gate of the inner wall.

    “I apologize for the inconvenience, but I’ve already taken care of the guard at the top and locked the gates; it’d also be for the best if all of you could withhold from making a racket, that way, I won’t have to kill you.” The one to lay this nightmare of a reality out for them was a little girl no more than the age of 13. The people froze, unable to defy her, feeling the same terror as the man they had just fled from.

    Unable to get out, the people knew that no help would be coming; the royal castle was built in the middle of an artificial lake at the borders of the city; there being only a single, long bridge connecting the two, and without someone to alert those on the other side, the chances of anyone noticing the distress within the castle were next to none.

    “She really is efficient… though I would have been able to kill anyone else that came my way, so it doesn’t really matter, but this does speed it up some. Anyhow, just to get it out there again, I’ll be taking the throne.”

    “You want to just hand over our family legacy to you? Absurd. I am Prince Sen, he who shall inherit the throne on this day. I will not hand it over to a lowly intruder and walk away.”

    “Oh, wait wait wait, there’s some miscommunication going on here.”

    The Emperor managed to work the words out of his mouth, “Just… what would that be?”

    “I was never going to let either of you walk away. I mean, who lets the royal family go if they’re intent on taking over an empire? I guess I wasn’t clear enough though, so I’ll rephrase:

    From this day on, the Empire belongs to me, and in order to take it, I’ll have to also take your lives."

    Without another word, the intruder ran his sword through the elderly emperor.

    “Father…” Prince Sen wanted to rush the intruder and take his vengeance, but he dropped to his knees instead. “Who are you? And why? Why are you ruining everything?! Do you not realize what repercussions will come of this?!!!”

    The intruder rammed the bottom of his foot into the side of Prince Sen’s head.

    “’Who are you?’ Good fucking question, I don’t really know; I guess God or whoever the fuck runs this universe decided I should be the sort of cliché character without knowledge of his own past. No parents, raised by some random stranger, killed that random stranger when he became a pain in the ass, I’m the whole package; I don’t even have a name. As for why… I just felt I should. I was going to raid this place alone, but the girl you see out there decided to tag along, still no idea who the fuck she is though, or how she knew so much.”

    “Wha-? You don’t even know why you chose to destroy our empire?! A nameless piece of shit like you has no right to-”

    The intruder interrupted him.

    “Let’s not start slinging mud like that. But, well, I do want to apologize.”

    “Apologize? What could you possibly apologize for now?!”

    “I’m probably not going to be what most people would call a great emperor, so I felt that I should apologize to you. So sorry about robbing you of all this, though, I don’t really mean it.”

    The prince stared at the intruder, wondering how, just how, someone like this could possibly be allowed to exist.

    The intruder then remembered what Prince Sen mentioned and spoke his thoughts, “Oh and does me being nameless bother you?”

    The prince was taken aback by this meaningless question.

    “If so, then… I’ll go by ‘Sen’ from now on. And to be honest, I was thinking of a name for myself earlier, and all of them sounded like shit, but ‘Emperor Sen’ works for me.”


    “Come on, it’ll be one of those ‘I’ll live on in your name’ things, except, well, y’know, I’ll be the one killing you.” Without any more words to say, the intruder waved his sword and the prince’s head bid farewell to his shoulders. The new emperor pulled the crown from the pool of blood, not even bothering to clean it. He faced the royal corpses he felled in the room and bowed, “Again, sorry, though I still don’t mean it.”

    That was the one time that Emperor Sen would bow his head, as he would be subjugating others from then on. The girl, his mysterious accomplice, showed what was barely distinguishable as smile. Walking to the throne and resting his body on it, he contemplated what steps he would take next as he stared at the terrified citizens from behind the doorway.

    [Insert cool date] - End of the [insert cool number of years] reign of the [insert cool last name] family and the beginning of what history affectionately refers to as “The Era of SENseless Rule.”

  7. #362182012-08-17 03:56:32 *Chestnut_Rice said:


    Holy crap. TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. And yea, I guess the general idea is implied. I'll get to writing a very, very back-story now. :3

    ...Which will be included here, the "general info" doc:

    Here is Chapter 0:

    I changed your given name to make the reference to you specifically less obvious and to add another, related to Game of Thrones. :v

    And, Knight Commander -> Knight Paramount because it sounds cooler. xfd. Also, please make sure that when referring to the United Empire of Cololeross and you don't want to type the whole thing, that Empire is capitalized. This also goes for the Kingdoms (and Dukedoms, Counties and Baronies, if we're actually going to arse to go that deep) if you're referring to them as all part of the Empire or if it's very clear which one you're talking about. Same thing with the Emperor, Kings, etc. Consistency is all, thanks!

    @DarkChaplain The God-Emperor's authority does not extend in to the Internets. :3

  8. #362242012-08-17 04:13:33SENsei said:

    Prince Sen wanted to rush the intruder and take his vengeance

    The intruder rammed the bottom of his foot into the side of Prince Sen’s head

    The Sen in these sentences still need to be changed to Sei-kon.

    Yeah, I'll leave the Game of Thrones editing to you; I've never read or watched it.

  9. #362312012-08-17 04:25:26Momimochi said:

    ...... Oh. You were serious about doing this? Okay, that's cool.

    WRITE MY PART FOR ME, WOULD YOU? ))Never heard of it until now.

  10. #362462012-08-17 05:08:55Chestnut_Rice said:


    Yea man, NP. Would you like to be related to me or Sen in some way? It'll be easier to write you in if that were the case, rather than having you in a separate House.

    Also, just a note to potential authors: You can write as many parts as you like. I'd /rather/ you write more than just one part. Just follow the rules and make sure not to use somebody else's character without permission.

  11. #362482012-08-17 05:39:04Chestnut_Rice said:

    So now that we have a general sort of premise, is there any one interested in being a King/Queen, subordinate to House Gartarsen? Please choose whether you want to lead a: German, English, American, Russian, or Japanese-themed area.

    Hanjia and the Crownlands are already occupied. Once you choose a place, (first come first served), get on with it! Think of ways to kill/depose the Emperor and reveal your plans slowly, while fleshing out characters and describing the specifics of your Kingdom. Don't want to be a king/queen? All kingdoms already taken? Don't worry! Ask a current king/queen if they need a duke/sibling/jester, what ever! Remember that this is a community project and you're welcome to pitch in, no matter your ability!

  12. #362772012-08-17 13:24:06Momimochi said:


    Whatever works for you, bruh.

    That, and because you know I will be busy as hell for the next three days. Stuffing your freaking goodie bags with coupons and pocky. (No, I kid)

  13. #363052012-08-17 21:20:05Lycan said:

    I'm up for joining in as a character for this. Feel free to write me in as like some kind of mysterious supporting character or maybe a warrior? If no one writes me in I'll do it myself when I have time, haha.

  14. #363182012-08-17 23:55:59Lycan said:

    I haven't read the books but it's a fantasy-ish world with many mysteries right? I know dragons exist(ed) in the world. So I am going to assume this "Cololeross" is a world of the same kind. My character would be based on me, my activities and relations on the site. I can only do this from my own perspective so if you do not agree with something or have any kind of suggestions feel free to either comment here or PM me!

    My character would be someone who has no interest in the throne nor any way to claim it. He is a wanderer, showing up everywhere, anytime. Many connections to important people, where most of them are neutral. Some refer to him as a bard of sorts, because he has a habit of telling stories about the world and it's wonders to kids and youngsters in different cities. Once a year he spends an entire week in the capital only to tell stories by a big fireplace. He wields no weapon but a 8 inch knife (20 cm). Dressed in pieces of leather armor and a necklace with various unidentified teeth. He always looks like he haven't been sleeping enough, dark beneath the eyes. Rather than smiling, he grins. It is hard to determine his origin from appearance or dialect. His age is just as mysterious, as if he doesn't age from the middle twenties. Most of his relations are to promising youngsters that would be between 16 and 30 years old, which he most probably told stories to when they were kids. He often tries to come in contact with these when he is nearby... somehow he always knows where to find them, even if they've moved between cities.

  15. #371552012-08-23 15:12:19Lycan said:

    I realized I never gave him a name, I just ended up calling him Lycan. Eh. "Canidae Lycan" maybe? No real titles or such... but maybe nicknames like "Fableman" or basically any nickname you can come up with that is appliable.

  16. #363212012-08-18 00:17:23 *TalTal said:

    CL stories have been attempted before, unfortunately they didn't get far. Still I've always loved the idea! Wish I could help, but I'm not good at writing or editing.
    and getting published would be so crazy awesome (although improbable, oh well a girl can dream)

  17. #363282012-08-18 02:39:11Chestnut_Rice said:

    Ahhh, guys the idea was for me to write the general setting and have the rest of you guys do the main stories. :< But oh well, I guess I could do a bit extra. Although TBH I'm not done yet, but I will be soon. Probably by the end of tonight you guys could figure out a good place for your character in the world.

  18. #363332012-08-18 03:25:13Lycan said:

    and let the users do the plot, characters, specific settings, etc.

    I have contributed a character and I am fine with anyone using it in their settings or stories, as long as they contact me first. I'd suggest using him as a messenger maybe?