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  1. #362162012-08-17 03:53:58Ashkachan said:
    On another note, if Ikuhara isn't trolling like I think he is.

    This better be real. Though Penguindrum wrapped up really nicely, and this looks like a sequel/movie/OVA. Unless he plans on doing Penguinwhatever series, where each series is really different and yet are connected somehow. (If this makes sense.)

    Spoiler (Show)
    Ikuhara stop being fabulous.
  2. #362502012-08-17 05:54:26momo said:

    I followed a couple threads on this on /a/, the consensus was that this would be a more light-hearted story featuring the characters of Penguindrum. Sources were a couple redacted tweets and a live interview, iirc.

  3. #362852012-08-17 14:47:07break said:

    not sure hwat to think of this, im going around "FUYK YEAH!" and "WHAT THE FUCK?"

    .....ill go "FUCK YEAH?"