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  1. #362992012-08-17 19:34:34 *Kuru said:

    What do I need to start longboarding? A longboard

    Good price range? 100-200

    What are some good longboard brands/wheels? Sector 9

    Should I wear a helmet? Depends

    How long does it take to get used to the longboard? Depends

    How fast can you travel (without any backpacks and with)? Depends

    How much does it cost to maintain one? 0

    Is it more useful than a bicycle? (portability/durability/stealability/motility/etc) About the same

    Is it practical for college campus cruising? Depends

    Anything else I should be aware of? Water is bad

  2. #363072012-08-17 21:45:29Kuru said:

    @PigBoss The complete boards they have, I'm not a fan of. The decks that cut off above the wheels turn me off. I like the wheels covered, and the deck longer.

    It's a matter of preference really, I like them longer since I surf. If you want to do power slides and all these little tricks in the video above, I'd say get a smaller board with wider trucks, it would allow for more control.

  3. #363102012-08-17 22:01:27Kuru said:

    @PigBoss Any board is good for a beginner, since you really don't know anything yet. That board is fine if you like it, it's a matter of preference and what you want to do.

  4. #365732012-08-20 02:48:20Wolfangle said:
    wew, may i have my introduction? ok :3

    skating 3 years now
    broke my toe last spring
    fractured my healed toe this summer
    before that i knew, ollie impossible, varial heelflip, kickflip, fs pop shuvit, & the nollie
    i love skate gaps..they make me so happy when i land something more than a 5 stair
    back to the present: foot hurts badly and lost all tricks :c
    i must now start over my 3 year journey from the very start with my bad foot..
    use that^^ to get inspired and never give up.. :3 now talk to me and ask questions
  5. #365802012-08-20 03:44:43Wolfangle said:

    @Kuru I always wanted to check that movie out but never felt like torrenting it..tho I really like the freeling documentary..(on mobile. Cant say much)

  6. #366612012-08-20 16:56:27shafnat said:
    this is me the first time i dropped 4 stairs. :)

    another newest skateboarding photos of me..

    yeah, i've skated for 3 years like wolfy, and i've ever broke my left arm.

    the last trick i've learned is impossible, but,why can i only use that for flatground only? it's hard to do it on the bank, on the ramp, combining it with grind tricks.. any advice?

    and, my last board is a blank board from the best skateshop in my city. it's 8.0 inch.
    and it's broke in the tail because i landed a fakie frontside flip and landed it hardly.
  7. #366622012-08-20 16:59:37shafnat said:

    oh yeah, who's your favorite pro skateboarder? i like Torey Pudwill skateboarding style.. with his sexy smith and feeble grinds, yeeaaaah..

  8. #398172012-10-01 23:29:49 *KungFuTurtle said:

    Also its not just the wheel quality you need to look at. Bearings are also key to how far your board will go. ABECs are just standard bearings, you wanna bump up to Bones or other brands. It also depends on your weight too. If you're overweight don't get a board that has a lot of flex. If you don't know what flex is, it basically the bend quality of the board. If you stand on the board and the board sinks and bounces a little or a lot, it has flex. If you stand on a board and it doesnt sink or bounce, it has little to no flex. Reason why if you're overweight or weigh over 180lbs and ride a board with flex you're more than likely to crack your board if you try to ride in the streets. How ever if you're a cruiser and don't do street tricks or extreme downhill riding, it's fine. If you're a big person that wants to learn how to ride a longboard. I would recommend looking at the Pintail, Freeride, Apex collections from original skateboards. They're all beginner friendly. I would not recommend the Torpedo 40 if you're a beginner. It has a lot of flex and has extremely loose trucks that provide extra turning. You want to ride with tight trucks first IMO.