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  1. Let's sit down and appreciate this classic

    #371722012-08-23 18:04:47 *Lycan said:


    What are you all going to do THIS or ANY FOLLOWING weekend?

  2. #371742012-08-23 18:09:10 *Flywalker37 said:

    I might be hitting Hershey Park. Which reminds me, I have to do a cover of this song.

    Edit: After actually listening to the whole song, I think I may have to remix the song with actual lyrics. Anyone who'd like to be featured, pm me.

  3. #373022012-08-24 11:34:22Lycan said:

    As soon as someone with a key comes home ill sit down at my pc and play games untill ill pop my 2L coke open and drink it, then more games and then maybe sleep at 4am or so.