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    #372002012-08-24 00:43:26bleachedsnow said:

    Kay, pretty much what my opening post said. I'm getting them removed like... tomorrow. I've heard various horror stories about how terrible life was for about a few weeks after they were removed. And apparently the painkillers make you act loopy and shit. Is all of this stuff true? Have you guys ever been the same again after you got those teeth removed?

  2. #372032012-08-24 00:49:32Momimochi said:

    My mom told me that it just numbs your mouth shitless for the day. And then the next few days, you will be incapable of speech because it's sore.

    But that's my mom. She's over-dramatic sometimes.

    And painkillers just blocks your brain's reception of pain. You're still technically in pain. But yeah, apparently some side effects are that it numbs down your body and makes you tired (that's normally if you take a large amount but...).

  3. #372072012-08-24 00:59:00SENsei said:

    Have you guys ever been the same again after you got those teeth removed?

    Because teeth removal is like rape.

  4. #372082012-08-24 01:06:53Flywalker37 said:

    This is so weird, as I'm reading this, my skype friend tells me she has to do the same thing in a few weeks. Coincidences are creepy.

    On topic: You'll be fine.

  5. #372092012-08-24 01:12:49SENsei said:

    It's gonna be painful like you couldn't possibly imagine, and you'll need to have a MIND OF STEEL to get through it, otherwise you're gonna kill yourself from the overdrive-bitch-mode that'll switch on due to the pain.

    In short, ask yourself: Do you have the determination to shoot down a plane with your mother in it?

    That's what it comes down to with wisdom teeth removal, whether or not you have the MIND OF STEEL to kill your mother.

  6. #372182012-08-24 01:21:23 *Viral said:

    You'll live through it...just make sure you keep taking your medication. Also, I know this sounds weird but when you get home take out the cotton gaze stuff and replace them with tea bags, it helps clot the area. No hard food, you're going to be eating jello and mashed potatoes for the next couple days.

    Oh and the numbness only lasts a few hours after the operation. And the loopyness differs from person to person from the laughing gas. I didn't feel loopy at all (which was horribly disappointing...) I didn't feel tired after the operation either...but apparently people sleep.

    But yea, you'll live. Just be prepared for the IV and the bruise that comes from it afterwards. Other than that, life returns to normal in about a week.

  7. #372272012-08-24 02:31:58Fieyr said:

    It's not bad at all. I've had 2 surgeries in my lifetime. Sinus surgery and wisdom teeth, and the wisdom teeth were a walk in the park compared to the sinus.

    Yes, your gums will be a little sensitive back there for a while...but it's not that bad at all. Just stick with mashed potatoes and those baby food meat sticks, and you'll be golden. Once everything heals, you won't even be able to tell you had the surgery.

    And hey, it's an excuse to eat all the ice cream you want. I downed ridiculous amounts of chocolate ice cream when I had mine done.

  8. #372472012-08-24 03:58:46 *SENsei said:

    @animeftw: Not a question of how old you have to be to get them removed, it's what age they start growing in for you. Somewhere from your mid/late teens to your early 20s is the likely period for wisdom teeth removal if you need it. You don't have to get them removed, but most people do usually wisdom teeth grow in shitty manner.

    If you really do need them to be removed, younger is better.

  9. #372512012-08-24 04:15:31sonicx said:

    mate its gonna hurt like a bitch and u dont need drugs to get them removed i had my removed and didnt get druged

  10. #372702012-08-24 05:21:20bleachedsnow said:

    Sweet, thanks for the advice. My teeth haven't fully grown in yet, but the surgeon said to "GET IT NOW!!1" because all 4 of my teeth are impacted. I'm gonna be using general anesthesia so won't feel a thing in the process ^^

    I'm contemplating whether I should take a picture of my face afterwards for the memories. lol, it's gonna look all puffy and stuff. I can go "SEE!? THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE GONNA LOOK LIKE WHEN YOU GET THOSE TEETH REMOVED!!!" to little kids or something. After all, you only get those teeth removed once.

  11. #372722012-08-24 05:27:09 *SENsei said:

    I didn't take any medication afterward because I'm mother fucking boss.

    "The doctor said you can't have hard foods."

    "Fuck him, and fuck you too, I'm eating whatever the fuck I want, and fuck your medicine."

    Did it hurt to eat it? Fuck yeah it did, I may have a MIND OF STEEL but it still felt like someone took a jackhammer and went funtime in my mouth with it.

  12. #372772012-08-24 06:10:39 *SlantDuffy said:

    I've gotten wisdom teeth pulled on two different occasions.

    1) They'll most likely use lidocaine, novacaine, marcaine, or some other local anesthetic that ends with "caine." I guess some places could use nitrous oxide which is dizziness, then regaining consciousness some time later. The local anesthetic is injected along your jawline INSIDE your mouth. It doesn't hurt too bad getting it injected, it's just a second of pain, pressure, then numbness will soon follow. You won't feel a thing during the procedure, if you feel pain, make a helpless squeal. The dentist will administer some more anesthetic. The numbness will most likely last for the entire day but by next morning it should be gone. It'll be hard to eat, drink, or spit out blood that collects in your mouth. I recommend not drinking or eating that day. It'll be hard to swallow, talk, or smile. Do not brush your teeth until the following day.

    2) The procedure involves making an incision, yanking your teeth out with pliers and a prying it out with spoonlike object. If you hear a CRACKING sound, don't be scared, it's most likely your wisdom tooth chipping from the dentist prying it. They then sew the cavity to the best of their abilities. You will have an open sore in your mouth for a few days to a few weeks. The tissue that fills the cavity need oxygen to survive. Bacteria, carbon dioxide, alcohol, and the lack of oxygen kills this regenerative tissue. Once this tissue dies, that open cavity will decay. That is called "dry socket." I hear it hurts a lot and stinks bad. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, or drink soda for the first few days. I'm going to tell you this now, food WILL get lodged inside the cavity. Food will promote bacterial growth inside the cavity. Rinse your mouth with water, and then a small amount of hydrogen peroxide diluted with water after every meal and be careful when you brush your teeth! The sutures should degrade after 2 weeks.

    3) That's all I have for now.

  13. #372832012-08-24 08:14:43Ecstasy said:

    Never had this problem because I'm perfect. Had all wisdom teeth grown before I entered my Uni without any pain or problems.