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  1. #372282012-08-24 02:33:18Momimochi said:

    Cool chizz

    Mind defining that? Because I'm pretty sure the things CR "gives away" are anything but cool or even relatively useful.

    But then again, that's just me.

  2. #372312012-08-24 02:52:15 *Fieyr said:

    @Momimochi @SENsei @DarkChaplain

    Here are some examples of prizes from previous contests:

    Collectable figurines, iPods, Anime scripts signed by the director, 1 year CR memberships, Utada Hikaru concert tickets, Anime posters of popular characters signed by their seiyuus, Video games for various consoles, $100 Amazon gift cards, T-shirts

  3. #372342012-08-24 02:58:07 *SENsei said:

    Collectable figurines

    I'm sure they're not that great.



    Anime scripts signed by the director


    1 year CR memberships


    Utada Hikaru concert tickets


    Anime posters of popular characters signed by their seiyuus

    Also decent.

    Video games for various consoles


    $100 Amazon gift cards



    Way to be cheap.

    Call me when they start giving out F/Z and KnK BD boxes.

  4. #372352012-08-24 03:00:33Fieyr said:

    @SENsei Keep in mind that they prizes are generally appropriate to the difficulty of the contest. For example, you might get a t-shirt for just saying to include you in the contest. Free swag for basically doing nothing ain't such a bad deal.

  5. #372372012-08-24 03:11:53 *Fieyr said:

    @SENsei The same could be said for anything given away in any contest. Ever. Subjective opinion is subjective.

    And for many, the mere act of participating in the contest is exciting, even if they don't win. And for those who were planning on drawing a character from SAO anyway, this is an awesome opportunity to win, evidenced by previous contests, potentially 'Decent' swag (using your words here)

    For the rest of us who aren't prize elitists, some of these things are pretty nice.

    Best of luck to anyone who decides to participate!

  6. #372382012-08-24 03:17:55 *SENsei said:

    I never questioned anything behind a contest or that free stuff is bad. I'm just saying shit is still shit. And those things are only potentially decent. In terms of SAO, an autograph from Director Adachi or any of the voice actors isn't really anything to get excited about.

    Subjective opinion is subjective

    But my opinion on animu merchandise and the like is far better than those of baka gaijin.

    Enter a contest for whatever reason you want, whether you get off on it or just like beating down everyone else, just know that if the prizes are shit, they're shit.

    In the case of the SAO contest, they've already confirmed that all of the runner-up prizes are, indeed, shit.

  7. #372462012-08-24 03:46:36Fieyr said:

    And since it's still a secret prize, there's nothing stopping them from changing it. You really should.

  8. #372602012-08-24 04:26:02 *Momimochi said:

    Collectible figurines

    http://i.minus.com/iJdES67IhBtKY.jpg ?


    Sorry. Not an Apple fan.

    Anime scripts signed by the director,

    I like that idea, but it would only go to that space of a mini vortex inside my closet.

    1 year CR memberships,

    HAH. Funny joke there. No.

    Utada Hikaru concert tickets,

    .... I assume I'm reading just "concert tickets" because last I checked, she was on hiatus or something. That, and unless if they strike me a backstage pass for One OK Rock's concerts, it's not worth the trouble.

    Anime posters of popular characters signed by their seiyuus,

    ........ Popular characters. As in, Naruto? Ichigo? No. (Though I won't mind having a Mio, just saying)

    Video games for various consoles,

    Really depends on what game and what console.

    $100 Amazon gift cards,

    ..... Ehh.... This, I kinda like. Kinda.


    No. I can buy myself a white T-shirt and iron on some design as well.


    5 runner-ups who will receive 90-day premium crunchyroll memberships

    This made me cringe.

  9. #372662012-08-24 05:08:39Fieyr said:

    @Momimochi Valid points on some of those. I just pulled from thread titles when making that list. I would have performed a more thorough analysis if I had known you were going to break it down in such detail... thanks for taking the time though.

    And yeah, those prizes are obviously not still in effect (ie: the concert tickets.) nor will every prize appeal to everyone. ie: the iPod. I'm not a big fan of Apple either.

  10. #373312012-08-24 13:52:16 *break said:

    i might join if im bored.. but did they specify which kind of character? IRL? SAO? ALO? GGO? Alicization? the 4 games have totally different settings, so....

    also regarding the prices, why so serious? if oyu dotn like soemthing, you can always sell it. thats probably what iw ould do with the scripts or posters anyways. and im sure oyu can also sell CR-memberships to people who care.

  11. #373432012-08-24 14:23:26 *SENsei said:


    i might join if im bored.. but did they specify which kind of character? IRL?

    They say design your own AVATAR, so I'm pretty sure that's self-explanatory.

    SAO? ALO? GGO? Alicization?

    You didn't read before posting at all, did you? Taken from the CR page:




  12. #373552012-08-24 15:32:31break said:

    @Sensei well true, i didnt bother reading it xD lolwhut? they say it as if it was osmething desirable... too bad i wouldve liekd ot design an ALO or GGO-avatar, but designs for SAO i would come up with are rather meh...

  13. #373592012-08-24 18:03:46Momimochi said:


    Bro, you do realize that you have a better chance of just commissioning your work for money (if you're good enough to even get some top prize in this thing) on dA or some shit rather than slaving your ass off and then selling the prize you get, right?

    Especially when the prizes for runner-ups are 90-day premium memberships.