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  1. K

    #375452012-08-26 19:34:15 *SENsei said:

    This fall, niggas. I wrote some moderate-in-length thread on this a while back, so I'm gonna say the intent transfers over and I don't have to write as much this time around, because fuck you pal. Thank Sen this is less of a fucking cockfest than I thought it was going to be. Still obviously quite the cockfest though.

  2. #375702012-08-26 23:53:49momo said:

    Oh hey, Asumi Kana is the girl's voice. I'll never be able to not hear her as Moe-Yu though.

    Loving the lighting and camera work, I might pick it up just for that reason.

  3. #376342012-08-27 14:53:39break said:

    the animation is gorgeous, but i have no clue whats it about. somehow i expect it to be somehow connected to [C] because of the title xD

  4. #384382012-09-08 08:34:25 *TCManila said:

    I wonder if this can be describable as a Shounen Brigade / Fujoshi Bait anime.

    Next anime title with a single letter would be "T". Used thy fingers to come to that conclusion.

  5. #400702012-10-06 14:47:09Momimochi said:

    First episode...

    Is almost mainly fujoshi fanservice

    The scenes when Kuro hugged Yashiro and when Kuro pretty much said he'd do whatever "King" said, ho shit, gave me firm belief that the show's going to be oriented around fujoshi fanservice-- save for the titty scenes, naked Neko, and butt shots.

    /Shipping goggles ready

  6. #401032012-10-07 02:01:41 *bleachedsnow said:

    The scenes when Kuro hugged Yashiro

    Was that really a hug? I thought it was more along the lines of slinging someone over their shoulder and running off, like in action movies. Although either way, the gay-ness of that scene is undeniable.

    The anime looks really pretty. I hope there's no more Engrish. I want to see more epic skateboarding and rainbow fire fights.

  7. #401042012-10-07 02:23:44Momimochi said:

    Uhh Kuro kinda gave a one arm hug, Yashiro proceeded to blush, then the carrying person like a sack of potatoes thing happened.

  8. #401362012-10-07 22:40:22SENsei said:

    This series is lucky it has some form of tits, which may be its saving grace when it comes down to whether I want the blu-rays or not.

  9. #401442012-10-08 03:45:18Ashkachan said:


    I was hoping this wouldn't be for the insane fujioshi fangirls/fanguys. It's very pretty, yes, but it's such fanbait I cannot.

    It's like that shounen-ai anime by Bones awhile back, fuck.