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Suicide, what do you think?

  1. #114322012-02-07 18:21:36 *Mau said:

    That its a very sad thing to hear about. Its an act of desperation and misery. And I advise that those who contemplate it seek help immediately, or talk to someone that you trust.

  2. #197772012-03-26 01:14:18Keri said:

    @SETTON18 Often the people who take their own life feel like they're a burden on everyone else and they'd be better without them so in their mind, it's more selfless.

  3. #197802012-03-26 01:43:08SETTON18 said:

    @Keri i understand that but ive been around sooooo many people that go out here and say there so depressed it gets so tiring having people who believe there worthless around all the time. I shouldnt get so mad about it but when your around people like that all the time it gets to be cliche. people years ago never expressed there feelings and it was better not to express there feeling.

  4. #198182012-03-26 09:53:30Keri said:

    @SETTON18 Well if people with depression never expressed their feelings now, a lot of people wouldn't get help for it and would remain depressed even though they could get treatment. It's not like you can help being depressed, it really is an illness just like any other and maybe you should consider that before you get mad with them tbh.

  5. #198402012-03-26 13:47:47SETTON18 said:

    @Keri i understand that if they dont express there self they would posssibly get worst, but for some reason in that time suicide rates worn't higher back then. People in this time on the other hand have a higher rate of mental illness and people use that as excuses for there problems etc etc. People just need to get over them selfs when a few things go wrong etc etc.

  6. #198442012-03-26 13:58:10SETTON18 said:

    @Keri I understand that but I still think people just need to take a hint from the old way and hide it and stop using a mental illness as a crutch if your mental disabled or physically disabled yeah thats a bit differnt.

  7. #198452012-03-26 14:00:18Keri said:

    @SETTON18 Yeah but what I'm saying is often it's the same as a mental disability. It's not like you can choose it or immediately snap out of it. Personally I think it's better to support them and persuade them to get help rather than essentially telling em to man up and shut the hell up about it but each to their own. xD

  8. #198492012-03-26 14:11:41SETTON18 said:

    @Keri its not much of a disability. Those eggheads doctors and people who r to sensitive to the real world try to hide from the real world by making people feel sorry for them.

  9. #198582012-03-26 14:28:45SETTON18 said:

    @Keri im sorry that i made it personal, but i understand it i see the world in a way that you dont. A lot of this worlds problem come from people who use there problems as crutchs.

  10. #198592012-03-26 14:39:56 *Keri said:

    @SETTON18 You're entitled to think whatever you like, I just usually find that lazily claiming that people who commit suicide are being selfish is quite naive (I myself said the same when I was younger and have learned better since).

    Also many people who are depressed don't attempt to make people feel sorry for them at all and in fact keep it to themselves as much as possible but that doesn't mean that they're in any way finding it easier to live or cope.

    You can't control what it's making you think and it might be better for people to consider that rather than branding them as being weak or attention seeking.

  11. #198762012-03-26 17:08:52SETTON18 said:

    @Keri i never said that the ones who are truelly depressed or have a actual mental/physical illness. im saying the ones who say there depressed when in really there just a upset over something that is so small. people who r actually depressed bye a medical standpoint are uselly like you said try to hold back there emotions. I understood that and how things can get to hard for them im not meaning that theyre selfish i mean the ones who go out here and say there going to and all they want is someone to notice them or to et attention.

  12. #202142012-03-29 12:30:53Cloud-VK said:

    @SETTON18 well thats important to some people just to be noticed can be as strong as honey or gold somepeople need some attention just to know that their lives meen something could you go trough your life feeling unwanted by everyone .....but at the same time thats not true someone always cares.loved.liked but in the end this is the creation of pain this is an easy method of getting rid of the pain but in turn more pain is produced sometimes life destroying Hmmmmmm I geuss thats what you meant by selfish

  13. #421712012-11-08 17:34:25naidraug said:

    I think when I consider it for myself there is a logic for it even in an atheist like me. It makes more sense when you consider the inverse, what makes life worth living? If the answer is and has continuously been nothing, and has no possibility of changing from that state, then there is little argument for not ending it. But so far for me that possibility has been above zero so... shrug. Guess I live another day.