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  1. Wakarimasen, lol

    #376762012-08-28 10:06:17 *quipna said:

    Hello! I happened to get my old blog up recently, albeit without many posts it had before. I plan on using it for a general infodump as well as the hub for the translation projects that @Sensei and I do together.

    Sadly, I have no clue what to write right now. I have knowledge on a vast number of things, many things to make detailed guides with, but I don't quite know what to write about. I can't even begin to fathom what you guys don't know.

    For that reason I am asking for a bit of help. Shout out some ideas for guides, guides that you'd like to see written for whatever reason. f there's something you are unsure about, something you have seen written before but didn't understand, or something you wanna do but don't know how to approach at all, post it here and I'll try to write something great for you.

  2. #376922012-08-28 18:42:05break said:

    nice, im glad your up again though i havent used oyur blog at all before xD but its good to know because of the Guilty Crown Lost XMas translation. (but why are you using two accounts here?)

  3. #376942012-08-28 18:55:14SENsei said:

    Because Acostoss actually has dissociative identity disorder, unlike me who fucks around with accounts for fun.

  4. #377152012-08-29 01:08:42 *momo said:

    I'm actually going to be putting all things that are under "acostoss" under "quipna" in the future, and use "acostoss" for IRL jobs and stuff.

    That is to say that all twitter accounts and such under "acostoss", accounts I only use to interact with internet people, will be under the new pseudonym.

    That's all.

  5. #378522012-08-31 15:09:43Fieyr said:

    I'm not sure if you'd call this a guide, but I'd like to see a compilation of interesting windows tips/tricks/hacks or other lesser known things cool things that you can do to improve your PC experience. Kind of a broad topic though.

  6. #379382012-09-01 13:42:56momo said:

    The only problem I could find with that is that it is an easily searched thing, something Lifehacker, Engadget, an tons of other blogs have covered hundreds of times with hundreds of different wordings.

    I'd be regurgitating info more than writing my own guide.