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  1. How your music taste changed over the years.

    #377362012-08-29 17:32:20 *Deftones said:

    Point of this thread - Tell me about how your music taste has changed over the years.

    I didn't really care about music till I was 15, I bought a "Jet - Get born" album, and listened to it non-stop, they're a rock group from Australia. When 16, I got into Metallica and slayer. And some 60s bands "Blue oyster cult, The doors". When 17, I got into Deftones, and fell inlove with their angsty teen rebellion sounds. Also Rage against the machine!

    When 18 I started getting into death metal "Bloodbath - eaten" and such. And from then on I expanded my metal/rock tastes. Now I'm getting into electronic/heavy music. I have always been fond of classical music as well. My fave classical song is "Beethoven - Moonlight sonta" I also love Fly me to the moon by Frank sinatra.

    Right at this moment I am listening to Tool - 10,000 days album.

  2. #377372012-08-29 17:56:58Trev said:

    In early high school I listened to a lot of radio rock and pop-punk. I wasn't allowed to have a music collection because of my school having extremely strict rules about music being of the Devil. My first taste of rock-fusion styles was early Linkin Park, and it's a shame they don't do so much of that anymore. Anyway, when I reached about 16 I discovered (A) playing the guitar is fun and (B) technically proficient playing is awesome. I got into psychedelic music and progressive rock.

    A lot of my early teenage taste is gone, but I still love psychedelic and progressive rock. I listen to Pink Floyd and Tool almost every day, and I have my fair share of Dream Theater, Rush, King Crimson, etc. I also love Maynard James Keenan's other projects like A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.

    In the military, I had a much harder time recording rock music, but I discovered that I enjoyed making electronic music. My "research" into French house and emulating that style introduced me to all kinds of EDM, and I love mostly all of them. I have a soft spot for French house still, but I also love uplifting trance, early electro, and hardcore.

    My personal style was at first just dubs and remixes. I moved into chiptunes and electro, then did some rock fusion, but I found that though I enjoyed it, it was a very niche taste. Nowadays I have a Juno synthesizer and several drum machine VSTs, and I'm looking into doing a thirty minute trance project, just for some easier-to-listen-to electronic music.

    (speaking of, if you can sing please get in touch with me, I would love to have a different vocalist for every track)

  3. #377392012-08-29 18:06:04Gargron said:

    But how do I know if you think whether I can sing or not? Deft told me once that I can sing, and I am very inclined to think so myself - but self-confidence was never a skill of mine, so there you go. If you'd like to test me or something, go ahead.

  4. #377432012-08-29 18:30:34Trev said:

    @Gargron well specifically I am looking for tenors and lyric sopranos for trance music, so it's more important that you have good pitch and dynamic control than anything else

  5. #377382012-08-29 18:03:23Gargron said:

    I didn't really care a lot about music when I was younger. I liked soundtrack stuff - like Joe Hisaishi's soundtracks for the Ghibli movies; also eletronic music like Enigma and Aria and world music like Deep Forest, so basically, ambient stuff.

    It all changed when the Fire Nation attacked. More precisely, at 16, when I met my then-girlfriend. I don't know if my music preferences just revealed themselves at the time, or I assimilated her music taste - but I got into progmetal and metal, e.g. Devin Townsend, Darkseed. Could never, ever like any Japanese pop or rock though. Eughh.

    From there on my taste just sort of went in all directions, slightly mainstream. Rock, pop, pop synth... Muse, Beatles, Pink Floyd.

    Over the time I also discovered quite a few rather obscure bands, like Johnny Hollow and Dr. Steel, or lately Cloudkicker (thanks r/progmetal!)

  6. #377672012-08-30 08:14:22Gargron said:

    @acostoss Oh shit. I didn't notice that it was the same band! Gotta relisten now, though maybe it's important that r/progmetal linked one of the Discovery album songs

  7. #377402012-08-29 18:06:31123-456-7890 said:

    when i was about 7 i only listened to beethoven. and then i stopped listening to music for a while from 10 to 14. then i started to listen to pop around 15-16. pop included american pop, jay chou, wang lee hom, and some jpop. during the middle of sophomore year i stopped listening to american pop and only continued with the previous listed. at the time i also got into smooth jazz, something like kenny g. then i got into piano jazz like beegie adair and bill evans. soon after those i started to listen to classical music again, but this time i listened to classical romantic , like rachmaninoff, chopin, debussy, and some beethoven (barely any beethoven though).

    right now i listen to jpop and kpop (mostly ballads for kpop), smooth jazz, classical romantic. and most of the instruments are piano based.

    my shower songs currently include "fly me to the moon" by frank sinatra and "luo ye gui gen" by wang lee hom.

  8. #377472012-08-29 21:30:55 *animeftw said:

    at first i didnt like music untill i was 14 since i thought all music sucked. that was untill my friends showed me rock music examples including Linkin Park(these guys suck now) , three days grace, Red etc so then i instantly liked rock but then after playing persona 3 in 2009 it completley changed me since after hearing its ost i have grown to like video game music. and have also liked techno after hearing songs from I've Sound and some rap(BUT ONLY from anime and games will i ever like rap music examples include persona 3/the world ends with you/ANY song by Lotus Juice)

    And now i have more BGM songs than actual songs with lyrics. BUT then came vocaloid and have added shit tons of songs by Miku and Luka. my ipod now consists of 50% BGM from games 20% Vocaloid 25% japanese 5% english

  9. #377502012-08-29 23:12:09Momimochi said:

    Bandwagon for the good early years of my life.

    Grade 3: Asian songs > Ammurican songs

    Grade 5: Japanese Pop, Vocaloid

    Grade 6: Chinese Pop, Vocaloid

    Grade 7: Kpop, Vocaloid/NND singers

    Grade 8: Pop is not music. Asian Rock, NND singers.

    Grade 9 to now: The fuck is this dubstep shit? Not music. Rock, NND.

  10. #377512012-08-29 23:13:21 *Mau said:

    I grew up listening to smooth jazz and 70s music and a bunch of anime theme songs, it probably wasn't until I hit 6th grade that I got introduced to rock and metal, which I started listening to mostly be "non-conformist", because all my classmates prefer Hip-hop and Rap.

    In high school I got into Alternative and Indie music, as well as Soundscapes, that lasted until senior year, where I just stopped giving a fuck and just started listening to whatever the fuck I felt like. And that's how I remain to this day, though recently I really got into Smooth Jazz as well as downtempo. I really have no particular bands and artists I go to, like I said I just listen to whatever and whoever.

  11. #377532012-08-29 23:37:11 *SENsei said:

    As a child, I listened to a lot of poppy Japanese girls singing poppy songs. As I approached adolescence, I noticed that I began listening to a ton of poppy Japanese girls singing poppy songs. In high school, I was astounded when I came to the realization I was listening to a shit ton of poppy Japanese girls singing poppy songs. Now, at the age of 19, seasoned by years of music, having refined my taste through experience, I listen to a mother fucking fuck ton of poppy Japanese girls singing poppy songs.

    Man, it's strange to look back and see how much I've changed; it's like I'm a completely different person.

  12. #377542012-08-30 00:36:40 *zatsunen said:

    I didn't really care for music back in primary school. I did enjoy cantonese/mandarin stuff my sister shared with me but otherwise, nothing in particular.

    Grade 7 - Taiwanese music usual suspects like SHE, Jay Chou, Fahrenheit

    Grade 8 - assorted jpop , jpop particularly DBSK (but I preferred their Japanese songs)

    Grade 9 - mainly kpop (DBSK) and expanded to other bands like SS501, FT Island, etc

    Grade 10 - discovered Vocaloid and was hooked from the first song I listened to (Servant of Evil), still liked DBSK but not as much due to Vocaloid and since DBSK split, anime soundtracks, some viskei music, krock, jrock

    Grade 11 - mainly Vocaloid, some kpop (mostly FT Island), anime soundtracks, NND, viskei

    Grade 12 to current - mainly Vocaloid and NND covers, some anime soundtracks, some kpop and very rarely, ENGLISH MUSIC GASP (mainly Boyce Avenue covers)

  13. #377592012-08-30 04:26:09Jenna38 said:

    I didn't really listen to any music at all until I was about 13 years old. I'm 16 now and my taste in music is varied but hasn't really changed since then. Here's a list of some of my favorite artists and bands that I tend to listen to the most:

    Weezer, Good Charlotte, Jimmy eat World, Chevelle, One Republic, incubus, All time Low, Meg and Dia, Orianthi, The Cranberries, Sugarcult, The Pretty Reckless, Framing Hanley, Puddle of Mudd, Staind, Shinedown, Stone Sour, Fall Out Boy, Skye Sweetnam, Foster the People, Hinder, Panic! At the Disco, Three Doors Down, Secondhand Serenade, Hedley, Breaking Benjamin, 12 Stones, Matchbox Twenty, Rise Against, kings of Leon, Train, All-American Rejects, Trading Yesterday, Coldplay, Story of the Year, Yellowcard, Three days grace, Snow Patrol, Flyleaf, Daughtry, Emmy Rossum, FM Static, Paramore, The fray, My chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Green Day, Lifehouse, Thriving Ivory, Blue October, Evanescence, Nickelback, saliva, Diane Birch, Reliant K, Superchick, Pendulum, Linkin Park, Third Eye Blind, and Indochine (french band)

    And there you go, that's my list of my favorite artists and pretty much sums up the kind of music I listen to.

  14. #377602012-08-30 04:32:35Jenna38 said:

    @Momimochi lol my cousin is obsessed with that awful dubstep stuff. I keep telling him that there's no point to their music. In fact, it isn't even music just weird sounds and loud noises.

  15. #377612012-08-30 04:37:07Jenna38 said:

    I also like other artists/bands that I never knew the name of because I've heard their songs over the radio, but because of the crappy radio stations I never caught the names.

  16. #377622012-08-30 04:40:08 *SENsei said:

    @Jenna38: Ya know, there's an option to edit your post, so that you don't post 3 times in a row within a period of 11 minutes. You don't have to use it, but I just want to make sure you know it's there.

  17. #377632012-08-30 06:27:22momo said:

    My life with music

    Age 1 to 8

    Huge-ass Metallica banner on my wall, right above my crib, stayed in my room until I was 8 or so. I was brought up on metal and hair bands.

    Age 8 to 12

    I started to listen to the radio more, albeit always the classic and contemporary rock stations. I learned of Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Back, Linkin Park, Candlebox, Smashing Pumpkins, Collective Soul, Rob/White Zombie, Audioslave, Tool, and Soundgarden. I had dozens of tapes that I recorded off the radio.

    Outside of rock, I had also developed a taste for singing groups like NSYNC and the Spice Girls.

    Age 12 to 16

    I fell into the trap of Nu-Metal, loving Disturbed, Korn, newer Slipknot and SoaD. I also fell for The Darkness, Coheed and Cambria, and a couple other new groups at the time. I also grew to like R&B, Jazz, and the modern Pop/HipHop. Petey Pablo, Twista, Outkast, and the Black Eyed Peas were notable loves. Ying Yang Twins were a love/hate affair.

    Having found 4chan and watching much more anime as a result, I started to get into Japanese Pop and Rock. Staples like Asian Kung Fu Generation, Orange Range, Home Made Kazoku, FLOW, L'Arc en Ciel, and The Pillows littered my CD/MP3 collection. Started hanging on IRC at this time, grabbed a ton of albums from Nipponsei.

    I started playing the violin around this time, was First Chair of the violin section for two years, felt great.

    Age 16 to 19

    Long live Metal, Melodic Metal, Alternative Rock, Industrial, Japshit and now various forms of electronic music. In Flames, Soilwork, Children of Bodom, Sick Puppies, Combichrist were notable. Marilyn Manson went from "that guy with the super-creepy music videos" to "pretty cool guy with decent music and super-creepy music videos".

    Spending more and more time online expanded my horizons on what was to be considered music. That which I used to dismiss as "that techno shit" was suddenly "d'n'b with House influences" or "Happy Hardcore".

    Japanese music taste continued to grow, adding in the Vocaloid sect. Notable favorites include Livetune and Yuyoyuppe.

    Age 19 to 21

    I have grown to love some indie and folk groups, many from the Elephant Six collective. Apples in Stereo, The Minders, Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, Owen, Loney Dear, and Two Door Cinema Club are examples.

    My taste in electronic music only grows more wide while reaching into more obscure subgenres like lolicore, gabber, moeclick, drumstep, and chipbreak, to name a few.

    Rock is still a big part of my library, though I have limited myself to mostly my favorites, Metallica, Megadeth, Smashing Pumpkins, Coheed and Cambria, In Flames, Soilwork, Pearl Jam, Tool, and Candlebox.

    For Japanese music, I have recently grow to like Denpa music, and still have a healthy Vocaloid and anisong catalogue. I am sure it doesn't rival @Warlock's, but it is pretty close to perfect for me.

    That's about it. If any of this sounds like something you enjoy, why not see if we're compatible on Last.fm?

  18. #377702012-08-30 09:37:07Ethereal said:

    Let's see, the first band I ever acknowledged was NSYNC. I don't remember how young I was, but it was right when they had some new song with a music video of them as toys, and it was also when MTV was actually about Music.

    After buying some of their CDs, I then learned a few years later that they are not the only band in the world, when my friend started playing some Lincoln Park. I believe I was around 10 by this time. Starting then, I fell deeply in love with Lincoln Park, Papa Roach, and pretty much anything else I heard on the radio.

    Then the big one came, my cousin. had given me her old computer which had about 20 gigs of music on it. I was amazed that you could have different songs playing for literally days until you heard all of them. I think I must've been around 13 at this time. This is when I learned to like Silverstein, Good Charlotte, Paramore, Phillmore, Blink 182, Aqua, Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World, and many more.

    Then somehow when I turned about 16, I stumbled upon Nightcore and listened to that for a long time, which then led me to other EDM genres such as Trance, which is where I currently am, although I still love to listen to an occasional Yellowcard or Jimmy Eat World.

  19. #377742012-08-30 11:04:51 *Ecstasy said:

    I started with classics, because I attended music school. After I finished it I was listening to mostly punk and rock'n'roll (yes, even glam rock) plus some lighter rock bands. After that I started listening to gothic rock/metal, going deeper and heavier untill I reached doom-metal, for some reason after that I came across drone-doom, so I discovered some ambient and went to electronic music (mostly EBM and industrial, but also noise, idm, synth-pop and related). Then I jumped to screamo and to j-rock after that.

    I never was stuck in one genre though, I usually continue listening to the bands which I found interesting at some point of my life or can listen to them once in a while. I also always liked experimantal music and not really stick to genres much, still can listen to pop and even to rap or dub step if I find it sounding good.

    And here is my Last fm profile

  20. #377772012-08-30 14:53:04RyukiStar4ever said:

    In the first years of my life (which is more than half of it) my mother and father only let me listen to country and classic rock. I got bored of music for the longest time and even few into depression. Then I heard Simple Plan's Welcome to my life. It changed my world. I was on the verge of suicide befor I heard that song, but that song gave my life meaning. It showed me that I wasn't alone and that other people out there were going through the same thing. Now I love music again and I love my life ever since that day.

    May the music never die. I went form no love for music and my life to love for all music and my life.

  21. #378292012-08-30 18:37:24Momimochi said:


    To me, it's not music because I grew up with classical and all that crap (lolpiano) and I believe that only true music can be made only with instruments which can be physically played by a person-- not some technology thing.

    But even though I think like that, you still won't see me going everywhere telling people "No, your taste in music is shit because you're shit" or something like that. Different people, different opinions... not that their opinions really mean much or anything but, you know, try to seem like you respect it even though you seriously could not give two flipping shits for it.

  22. #378352012-08-30 21:53:16Red__Dot said:

    Didn't listen to anything in particular until 9th grade. Started with some 3 days grace, and braking benjamin, then i started to listen something heavier like cannibal corpse and slayer, then i tried some screamo; ugh those were bad times. Then in spring of 2010 I quit screamo and heavy shit and tried some punk. I pretty much liked punk at that time, my fav band was Rise Against, you must have heard of them. Umm, then there was a period of exploring electric music a bit. I liked trance quite a lot. Then my friend showed me some dubstep, damn hove much i liked it... It was summer of 2011 when I first started smoking ganja, so it was that time when I started listening some classical music. Apparently it has some epic haish vibe, lol... Then later on, since I've pretty much heard it all, I've started to appreciate all kinds of music as long it was good, but dubstep and chillstep remained my favorite.

  23. #378402012-08-31 00:10:06SENsei said:

    @Jenna38: Ya know, you can copynpasta the other two posts into your first post, then delete the other two. Oh yeah, we have a delete option too. Technological advancement sure is great!