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  1. New The World Ends with You in the works?

    #378632012-08-31 20:40:41 *bleachedsnow said:

    So, like, I was hanging out on like Gamefaqs, and like, look what I found on there. It's like totally from the secret ending in the Solo Remix version.

    EDIT: More news here. Apparently, Square Enix is doing vocalist auditions for TWEWY that may or may not be related to the teaser image above.

  2. #378722012-09-01 03:46:08SENsei said:

    @Ashkachan: Told who what? No one said that there would never be a sequel; it's just your insistence that the previous countdown was for a sequel (it wasn't) was ridiculous after the iOS info leak. :V

  3. #378762012-09-01 05:21:42bleachedsnow said:

    Man, I was there when it all went down on Gamefaqs and exploded all over the interwebs. I feel so hipster. THE HYPE TRAIN HAS NO BRAKES.

    Also, I imagine this Brian guy is getting a lot of apologies for that nerd rage about the countdown.

  4. #378862012-09-01 05:44:39 *SENsei said:

    @bleachesnow: Why would he be getting apologies? He didn't even know about that extra scene until he played the thing himself. He wasn't involved in Solo Remix at all; they just used his old translations from the DS game and had on-staff translators work on the minuscule amount of new stuff that needed translating.

  5. #379032012-09-01 07:08:48bleachedsnow said:

    @SENsei He mentioned the stuff on the countdown was 'more drip than leak' when that iOS thing leaked on the squeenix webstore. And when it ended up being nothing but a port (at first), people were MAD. Anywho, /v/ was all remorseful, and I saw a lot of comments on forums saying they were sorry.