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  1. Nostalgic Animes

    #380102012-09-02 19:34:08Arachne said:

    I have to admit that I love The Rose of Versailles aka Lady Oscar despite the huge eyelashes, it's just too damn ✽ FABULOUS ✽. Lady Oscar was the first anime I ever watched and I still find it interesting and epic (even though the whole serie was mainly about Oscar making every French girl wet).

    What animes have you valued for years and what makes them so special for you ?

  2. #380122012-09-02 21:02:42Nabeshin said:

    I present to you:

    Obviously this anime, Excel Saga, has put deep marks in soul, heart and spine. I can not explain it because there isn't much to explain... except from the shining fact that @Nabeshin is awesome beyound comprehension.

  3. #380212012-09-02 23:26:55Mau said:

    This was the first one I ever watched, and still has a place in my heart. From the flashy transformations series, to the friendship, and the story was cool to me when I was kid. Even at 20 years of age I can find something new about it to like.

  4. #380532012-09-03 19:13:56 *judar said:

    Sailor Moon has already been mentioned ahah but I must also add this film, I do think it's an anime? Not too sure of it's Japanese name though, never really looked into it but I watched this film again and again and again. Absolutely perfect ♥ Although, it is quote old and lacking video I've managed to find the ending song in the OVA ♥

    And also, Tokyo Mew Mew's English Dub aired on PopGirl for UK when I was a bit younger and It's special to me ahaha

    I have a love for long, frilly transformation scenes - If I remember correctly I made one of my own by tracing over Mew Zakuro's one ehe OTL