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  1. A not so remake for my moon death thread

    #380182012-09-02 22:48:31 *Cloud-VK said:

    Firstly, I know how late I am In this and I apologize. Hoever you know between school, sports, and homework I hardly have CL time anymore Q.Q

    Anyway this is not a remake of the "meet me on the moon thread"

    I just wanted that last say on the topic and there for there will not be any replying to this and I apologize again for makeing a useless thread, that is going to take up ass space on the front page and believe me I don't like the idea either. So I promise that this thread will be gone soon.

    My final say on this is that I got balls and I did not need a defense and while I didnt like the shit storm on my thread I would not have encouraged it. But for you guys that took up for me in my absence, thanks. Now some of you guys took it to serious and that is purely my falt for not being clear. I am not suicidal and I am not looking forward to death my pervious thread was mainly about that one happy thought I gained from the song and the fact that I wanted to share that thought. To appeal to my dark side I honestly did not care to much about the actual death even if he was blood, it was his path to choose and I will always choose to care more about the healing of the pain of the living than waisting the energy on the dead. @SENsei can do what he wants in the guidelines of the CL site the guy or girl was just being realistic and he/she honestly made some pretty funny jokes, and I can handle some constructive criticism, it's heathy.

    Soo there