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  1. Baneshroud [Minecraft PVP/Towny Server]

    #380402012-09-03 14:59:27VivoDePyre said:

    Looking for a new Minecraft server to scratch itches associated with the recent patches? Tired of the long overdone mindless pvp server? Want something more meaningful when you play? Well what if I told you I had the solution to all three of those problems and then some, here in this very thread! That's right folks, I'm here to advertise a Minecraft server!

    Baneshroud is a PVP/Towny server that seeks to balance economy, PVP, and creativity. Our server does rely on a fair number of plugins to function, but most are for permissions and economy. And cannons; We love our cannons. By using Towny instead of Factions, we've been able to create a more stable atmosphere of play. Rather than focusing on hunting down victims, players can create grand houses or design shops. Towns require money to function, rather than player kills.

    I could go on and on about how great our server is, but it's really something you need try for yourself. Log on, take a look around. My favorite thing is the player base. We have a mature group of players that can be trusted not to hack, mod, or cheat. I wouldn't be posting here at The Colorless if I didn't think you all were a good, (mostly) mature group. So please, give the server a try.

    IP: Recruitment site: www.planetminecraft.com/server/baneshroud---enhanced-pvp/ Our subreddit: reddit.com/r/baneshroud

  2. #380412012-09-03 15:20:57nero98 said:

    Sounds like a pretty cool world you got there. I'm not very good but I like to think that I'm ok. I'll check it out later because right now I am exhausted. My minecraft name is shadow_blade98