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  1. #382192012-09-05 11:23:09acostoss said:

    Depends. Most visual novels are Japanese-only, and thus it makes it hard to get an English copy. Most English-version VNs can be found pretty easily on J-List, though.

    There are fan translations for those without an official English translation, and those are easily found on VNDB.

    If you haven't ever played a visual novel, I'd suggest Katawa Shoujo. It's a favorite of mine.

  2. #382582012-09-06 00:16:16Kaladbolg said:

    It really depends on what visual novels you're looking for. You can find a few on the Mirror Moon site. Like the above, Katawa Shoujo is a good one to start with, though.

  3. #446532012-12-14 13:43:30break said:

    Umineko no naku koro ni is among the most amazing things ive ever read. although, sicne its a sound novel, it focuses more on the BGM and other msuic than the visuals, so there ar eno CG's and the character sprites are kind of badly drawn. not bad enough to not grow used ot them and enjoy them though. try it out by all means.