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  1. What are some great songs to listen to?

    #383212012-09-06 14:34:29 *JohnKings said:

    Im into all music from heavy metal to classical music but i can never find any good songs to listen to, i dont have a forite song or a favorite band. so what great songs can i listen to. plz post the song and artist. Thank you

  2. #383232012-09-06 15:03:12 *TalTal said:

    (I would suggest fixing spelling mistakes in your post and title...) But for Classical I suggest Saint Saens, especially Carnival of the Animals and Danse Macabre. Chopin has some of my favorite stuff too.
    For heavy metal, uhh, System of a Down? Metallica? I listen to classic rock more than metal... For in the middle stuff how about Mumford and Sons, and Regina Spektor?

  3. #384462012-09-08 10:52:54n1xx said:

    This thread shall be locked due to being an exact duplicate of an already-existing one, made by the same user, not longer than four days ago.

    Considering that the original topic has received a fair amount of replies, I would encourage to continue the discussion there, in a respectful manner.

    I thank you all for your understanding. <3