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  1. Nerds Like Us Cali-Style

    #384702012-09-08 19:22:27 *Spades said:

    Description NERDS LIKE US is a monthly midnight-movie series targeting the 80s and 90s nerd-culture classics. We're bringing back the films we grew up watching on VHS, Beta, and Laserdisc so we can enjoy them in a theatre full of other nerds, cause that rocks! We operate on the second Friday of every month (with rare exceptions) at the beautiful and classic Vista Theatre in Hollywood. This is a series for nerds, by nerds- we take suggestions from the audience and poll it online to determine what we'll show in the series.

    So my sister and I have been coming to this place every now and then since March this year. It's a beautiful theater and they have a tendency to play all those science fiction movies that I have and have not seen in my childhood. It's great yo.

    I thought that all of you lackadaisically challenged individuals would be interested in hearing that they're going to be having a free movie night next week.

    Now to the main topic: Who here is interested in having a little Cali-kids movie night meet up? The film starts at 12am which means that everyone who can make it is simple one cool cat.

    OH RIGHT! How did I forget?! Okay, I didn't, but still. The movie that is going to be showing is FDR American Badass and here's the trailer:

    Address: 4473 S. Sunset Dr., Los Angeles, CA.

    EDIT: It's next Friday at 12am.