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  1. Thoughts about the last season of Doctor Who?

    #384882012-09-09 11:49:59 *Gargron said:

    Hey! So I watched the first two episodes of the latest season of Doctor Who now. It was a bit anticlimactic for me, given the long wait. The first episode was definitely meh. The second was ridiculous, but more enjoyable.

    What do you think? Vent your feels about it here.

  2. #384892012-09-09 12:32:30AkiraSaki said:

    The first two episodes were all right, but the one next week looks really interesting! I'm excited to see what they're going to do with it. Hopefully something good.

    Oh and I absolutely loved that they had Mark Williams (@Kyuuun Arthur Weasley) as Rory's dad!

  3. #384912012-09-09 12:55:44 *Dec said:

    I've really enjoyed both episodes so far. Although - in my opinion - they aren't as great are the past seasons with the Ponds, I do like how this seasons showing them growing up and basically moving on.

    As for last nights episode, I really enjoyed it. Seeing dinosaurs on a spaceship was at some points cute. It was better than I expected it to be, honestly. I loved Rorys dad. The only thing I didn't like about it was the robots. At points they just got annoying :c I don't know, last nights episode just reminded me a bit too much of a mixture of harry potter and primeval...

    Overall, I'm happy with this season. I just hope for some better episodes as the ones so far seem to be lacking in something.

  4. #384972012-09-09 14:46:41 *HutchHutchenson said:

    I personally am butt frustrated. This is even worse than last season and I didn't think that was possible. Evidentally Moffat thinks the whole "Doctor Who" question is hella clever because it's back again and more cheesy than ever. Another thing, since when did the series focus on Amy and Rory more than the actual Doctor that the show is named from? Not quite sure why they're going out of their way to make me care about the shattered Pond relationship. I didn't realize I was watching "Days of our lives". The only good thing so far is no River Song.

    I haven't actually watched the stupid dinosaur episode so I have no opinion on that one yet. Although, the previews made me cringe and I think I threw up in my mouth a little at one point so I'm not feeling too optimistic.

  5. #384992012-09-09 16:09:10TalTal said:

    ok I'm not in the fandom and probably never will be since there's a fuck ton of episodes, BUT, can someone please just tell me who the heck this Oswin chick is? Is she a human or dalek or what?

  6. #385332012-09-10 00:04:49 *Spades said:

    @TalTal19 Doesn't matter. She's hot.

    EDIT: Now off the topic of my obvious male hormones, I ,personally, like how the newest season is going differently from what I imagined. Now the first 2 episodes weren't as exciting as previous episodes, but it does set me up for better episodes to come. With how it is set up so far, I'm bracing myself for some major feels by the end of the first half of this season. Looking forward to what Steven Moffat has to offer this season.

  7. #385372012-09-10 00:52:14Kyuuun said:

    The first episode I absolutely didn't like. It had it's moments but to me it was too much. I hated that Oswald was so cliche'd. She was a mixture of all the other companions and it kind of bothered me - even though I liked her a little bit. I hope that in the next episodes with her, the story line gets better because obviously she's met The Doctor if she said "Run and Remember". I'm hoping for something exciting. . . The episode that was on yesterday, though. That was what I was looking for. It was one of those DW episodes I can see myself watching again in the near future - a sort of comic relief episode that had a lot of fun elements to it. It was a classic DW adventure. I loved loved loved the casting for Rory's dad it was the best, I fangirled the hell out of the world. There were a lot of funny scenes during that episode. Overall, really, really good.

    I hope the next episode is going to be good. Robot Cowboys oooohohoooooh.

  8. #388472012-09-15 16:11:58SilverSalamander said:

    I defiantly think the shows gone downhill since Tennant left. I like the eleventh Doctor but the show seems too childish now and I hated the whole marriage thing and they have broken so many rules. They do also need to stop wheeling out the daleks every five episodes though, they used to be a shock, but now it's like wow didn't see that coming -____- But I liked the Oswin episode it was more like the old ones,so I have hope for this series. Rupert Graves was awesome in the dinosaur episode too :3