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  1. Sample for the Next Anime Statistics Slideshow

    #384902012-09-09 12:33:41 *TCManila said:


    After encouragement from users here at the Colorless ( (since I last signed in way back who knows when), I proceed to create a draft for the Anime Statistics Slideshow for the next season.

    Will gather data from Anime NewsNet, the fellow Anibloggers and Hashihime (soon after she posts her preview) and use the power of proprietary web software knows as SkyDrive.

    The slideshow will be released at the end of the month.

    But before that, what do you look forward to in the next release?

  2. #384962012-09-09 14:46:20TokoyamiSenshi said:

    Certainly not looking forward to 50 nuances of the same color in one pie chart. I strongly advise using bar graph for this particular example. There is no point in presenting data if it's unreadable. You should put more thought into design because(as was the case with your last presentation) the whole point of graphs was avoiding the need to put much thought into extracting data from what you see, which you have effectively managed to void.