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  1. Fall 2012 Anime Series Statistics Slideshow ver. 1.0

    #386882012-09-12 13:03:13TCManila said:

    Here it is, guys -- the stats for the Fall 2012 Anime Season.

    My research was not enough to bring this here, so I am looking forward to everyone's help in clarifying the wrong information I have in this slideshow.

    There were 34 slides inside so if your broadband is slow I suggest you should wait.

    Check out the Notes and the Other Notes section on how you can help, etc.

  2. #386922012-09-12 13:14:47momo said:

    Lovin' it! This might be better suited for a blog or forum post than a slideshow presentation. Presentations only really work when you can speak about them, using the key points from the slides as a point on which you expand the talk.

    Basically, overvoiuce on a topic that could be discussed, usually with regard/sway to opinions, presentations are good.

    For showing stats, they are not very fitting~

  3. #391502012-09-22 21:11:22SENsei said:

    it's like Satoshi in Hyouka, a database.

    詰まり... ムダだ。だがそれも違うよ。あんたのプレゼンテーションは解析みたい、「 データベース」だけじゃねえぞ。