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  1. I need a linux program

    #389102012-09-17 17:40:43Zefferno said:

    I need help for my school. We have a linux server, with thin clients booting off the network. My problem is that we need a paint program for the digital design class. We need something that can manipulate an image, or create one from scratch.

    The requirements for the program is that it needs to be free, and run off linux.

  2. #389142012-09-17 17:53:52Zefferno said:

    We tried gimp, but its not user friendly and it doesn't transfer right. We need it to work for stupid middle and high schoolers.

  3. #389342012-09-18 03:15:17momo said:

    No suggestions, but a little bit of info~

    I have used Pinta before, it is fantastic for people used to Paint.NET on Windows. Gimp can be daunting at first, in much the same way Photoshop can be. If you don't think they can work with Gimp, then Pinta is your best bet.

    As for inkscape, it is used in much the same way Adobe Illustrator is. It is for vector images, and works in a different way than most people would expect. I wouldn't suggest using this unless it is a digital design class.

  4. #389652012-09-18 23:12:16Red__Dot said:

    linux user friendly

    There is no such a thing. You can only get used to it. If you manage to do it, you'll see software the way you have never seen it before.