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  1. Hello^^^^^^

    #389522012-09-18 20:41:00 *Mato said:

    Hello I been going round for a while thought this is connected with Durarara thought I will join actually I am an active member of another forum so you wont see me so much here...

  2. #389542012-09-18 20:50:23Mato said:

    Hmm Thats kindoff rude from were I come from we kindoff support people intruducing themselves I get it your so popular that you dont know how nice it is for people even registering here hm

    PS; got no idea how to delete threads or lock them if your the moderator you have rules to do it anyway><

  3. #389572012-09-18 21:09:17XLuciant said:

    @Mato Hi, I hope that you enjoy CL

    Now let's get to the point. You should hang around the chat and meet people or in other words get people to like you. Also don't try to talk back because your wrong about making this thread so apologize and don't make this a bigger problem than it already is.

    With love from XLuciant!

  4. #389592012-09-18 21:43:56 *InsaneBoredGame said:

    @Mato Check the little bar at the bottom of your first post. There will be a "lock" option. Hopefully, you're smart enough to figure out where to go from there.

    If you really feel the need to introduce yourself, there is a thread for that.

  5. #389892012-09-19 01:41:08 *XLuciant said:

    We probably scared the literal shit out of this new comer. This person shall never forget the day when they came and posted a small "hello" thread on CL. GOOD JOB! Ladies and Gentlemen that's the right way of teaching people about making mistakes around this part of the internet.