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  1. K-On

    #389762012-09-19 00:19:26 *MyOWN said:

    Is there any K-On lover out there?

    Just want to ask if there's a 3rd or 4th season of K-On.

    Does this thread pass as a thread?

  2. #390072012-09-19 11:23:56Polnareff said:

    Let's Just Turn This into the K-on! General Thread and update the tags, else this thread could be locked. Also, not sure what season it's on, don't really watch it much, but good luck finding your answer!

  3. #390162012-09-19 15:17:25Mato said:

    hmm I do watch K-ON often and I really like it its on my 3rd fav anime list just after Another and Hell girl, and yes they have accounced season 3

  4. #390172012-09-19 16:40:58 *momo said:

    Alrighty MyOwn, you seem to struggle with this, so I am going to make a little checklist for you to follow when making a thread:

    • First and foremost, check around to see if you can post in any thread but a new one. If there is an active thread on the subject yo'd like to post about, post it there. If there isn't an active thread on it, go ahead and make a new thread.

    • Next, think of a title that is descriptive of what your thread is about. Sure, you could take the easy way out and make it the title of the show, but you don't exactly drive people to post about certain parts of it. Why not "Any more seasons of K-on! incoming?"

    • Why not be a doll and add in a nice video of K-on! to get those visual people sucked in? Or maybe a cute picture of the cast? Or a crossover? Or music from the show? You can put tons of stuff in the URL box and get it auto-embedded, so why the hell not?

    • After that, take a good, hard look at the tags field. This is where most people falter, including you. You want multiple tags describing what your thread is about. Don't just stop at the obvious "k-on" and "anime" tags, branch out! list the characters, maybe, or since your thread is about possible future incarnations of the series, add in "speculation". There's a ton of objective ways to describe your thread.

    • Finally, look at the content field. This is where your post will be, the meat of your thread. If you slack here, everything else you did was for naught. This is where you put in the most effort. For your thread, one in which you're ionly asking a question, it doesn't give us a whole lot of drive to anwer you. You could look this up in like 5 minutes on Google.

      Why don't you try giving us a little background on K-on, what made you think there might be a 3rd season, why you want there to be a third season. This would get us emotionally invested in your thread (maybe) and be more likely to reply.

      Anyone can throw up a one-liner post and be done, so noone will give a hoot and reply to it. Put in effort and we'll come for miles to reply.

    To reiterate:

    Anyone can come on here, throw a sentence into the new thread box, and call it a day. If you won't even put in 5 minutes worth of effort into your own thread, what reasons are you giving others to help you out and spend their time answering you? It is give and take. Do well, and others will do well by you.

    also no new seasons of K-on have been announced yet as far as I know, but you might care for the movie.

  5. #390562012-09-20 13:23:15MyOWN said:


    How do you post pictures and videos? I don't know anything about BBCode and/or Markdown Code or any code to put or program to insert a picture or video.

  6. #408342012-10-18 00:05:38Momimochi said:

    You just paste the link when it's on markdown. (given that the link ends with .jpg or some image file and that the said link ALLOWS third-party hosting)

    Or on bbcode, you do the good ol' [img][/img] with the url in between. Again, it's given that the link ends with .jpg or some image file and that the said link ALLOWS third-party hosting

  7. #438122012-12-02 01:19:08Trev said:

    If the other thread is too old to show up in the popularity rankings then it's okay to make a new one.




  8. #571292013-06-04 01:55:33Evangelina said:

    K-On is one of the best anime's I have seen where music is the main focus. Love the music and the storyline; the characters are the kind you can relate to, especially if you are a musician like me.