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  1. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix

    #390612012-09-20 15:25:22 *KungFuTurtle said:

    SquareEnix has announced that they're coming out with a playstation HD collection for Kingdom Hearts. It'll contain Kindom hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The Japan release will be in 2013. There's no release date for Europe or the US yet.

    Are you guys excited? I am. I only have a PS3 so I never got to play CoM or 358/2. I wish they would have squeezed in KH2. Maybe they'll make another ReMix containing KH2, BBS, and DDD even Coded maybe. I really do hope that KH 1.5 won't be the KH3 we were all dying for.

    UPDATE: ReMix will have KH: Final Mix and will not actually have the game play of 358/2 but HD scenes instead.

  2. #390632012-09-20 16:03:23Settsuo-kun said:
    They might get KH2 and BBS, but forget DDD. It's still way to fresh to touch, besides what's covered in DDD isn't really that critical in my personal opinion. It's touches on a few new things, but nothing I would have personally thought "Hey I needed to know this.".

    Quick rant below
    Spoiler (Show)
    DDD should have been the first half of KH3 in reality. I feel that after that they could have really maxed out that blu ray with the content of DDD and KH3 combined. Maybe even making it the first two disc game on the PS3. I mean gamers have been waiting on KH3 ever since 2006. Why not make it as grand as can be?

    Anyway I'm excited for the collection :)
  3. #390642012-09-20 16:05:25Xyopq said:

    Square Enix Meeting

    Boss: We need a way to make more money

    Guy 3: We could always re-make FF7

    Everyone laughs

    Guy 2: How about another FF13 sequel?

    Guy 1: We're already working on one

    Guy 3: What about a Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 HD collection.

    Boss: That could work. We'll release them separately and make even more money!

    Guy 3: I don't think the fans will appreciate that.

    Guy 2: Then lets stick on one of the spin-offs so the fans don't notice.

    Boss: Brilliant!

    The boss takes a note out of his pocket, burns it, then uses it to light a cigar

  4. #390782012-09-21 03:19:46KungFuTurtle said:

    All I know is that KH3 will be based on Xehanort says Tetsuya Nomura. KH - KH3 is the Xehanort "trilogy" and that KH3 will be the last you hear of anything Xehanort and that when Tetsuya is done with FFvs13 that he'll finally start working on KH3 and that KH3 is suppose to be on the next generation consoles. I think the next gen consoles part is probably a rumor but how soon are the next gen consoles coming out though.

  5. #391212012-09-22 06:06:20 *bleachedsnow said:

    Why would they put in the shitty spinoffs, but not the sequel? Fucking Square Enix.

    They aren't shitty spinoffs, they're actually relevant to the plot ;_;

    Also, marketing. KH1+KH2 means that people will only buy those 2 and play those 2. And then no one would buy the "shitty spinoffs." It's a pretty smart move, even if it's gonna be unpopular with consumers.

    EDIT: I mean people would only buy the disk with KH1 and KH2.

  6. #391232012-09-22 07:35:42SENsei said:

    They aren't shitty spinoffs


    And then no one would buy the "shitty spinoffs."


    It's a pretty smart move

    I chopped off my penis.

  7. #395062012-09-27 14:11:46Allen044 said:

    it seems more of a way to appease KH fans since they've been working on vs 13 for the past 6 years so chances are it'll be 2-3 more years until KH 3 comes out

  8. #397632012-09-30 16:12:21KungFuTurtle said:

    Still doing research on it. It's the funding. I think they should stop with this new FF13 game that has Lightning in it. Move onto versus 13. Anything with Lightning in it is a waste of time IMO. I'll be pretty disappointed if there's no game play for 358. Actually I am disappointed at the thought. But maybe things will change in the future.