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  1. No more ads. Now only donations

    #392662012-09-24 14:49:16 *Gargron said:

    Hey guys. Since our advertising efforts have been fruitless in the last months, we decided to remove the useless ads altogether. Instead of them, you now see a donation meter in the sidebar that you can help fill. There is a monthly goal of $18 to cover the server costs (no maintenance or development costs). You can choose how much you value the Colorless for yourself.

    The system will automatically fill the donation bar and give you a Benefactor badge. These badges stack (e.g. you can have 10x Benefactor badges, displayed as one, but saying that you have 10). If the system fails for any reason I will record your donations manually.


  2. #392812012-09-24 19:20:16Noodle said:

    With a bar like that I think donations will be pretty high for a while :3 Could you add a percentage meter? That goes over 100% that is~

    donated 10$ 8D

  3. #393132012-09-25 05:43:11Chestnut_Rice said:

    Wow 18 bucks each month to keep this place going is surprisingly cheap! Just curious, are donations going to carry over month after month to help pay for server costs or will the excess go towards, er, "maintenance and development"?

  4. #393312012-09-25 11:20:56Gargron said:

    To be honest I did not expect anybody to donate so I have no plans for the excess money. I'll talk about it with the staff. It is very unlikely that it will go towards development or maintenance because [I] do not plan to do that a lot when uni starts.

  5. #393362012-09-25 13:01:18 *Noodle said:

    Does putting the money in a CL bank account to make sure the site survives sound like a good idea? Ie. server costs as the OP stated.

  6. #399532012-10-04 03:17:42naidraug said:

    In the event of a monthly surplus, why not bank half the surplus for the future, and donate the other half to a random charity? After all I think we all want to see colorless stick around, and isn't one of the other things that colorless exists to do is, you know some good?

  7. #399622012-10-04 19:02:17momo said:

    currently all surplus is being banked for the future. If it gets to the point that we're set for 6 months or so, we'll look into funding contests or donating it to a charity of the users' choice.

  8. #399942012-10-05 10:38:21SlantDuffy said:

    What, do not donate to charity. Most of that money is pocketed by some fat pedophile white person.

    If you want to spend the excess cash for charitable causes, then set up a fund that buys and ships food and supplies to a war-torn nation once a year.

  9. #400672012-10-06 14:21:08Gargron said:

    I discovered that the badges were not assigned automatically. Went through the logs and assigned them manually. Going to fix this sometime soon, until then the admins will assign them manually.