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  1. @Mod we don't have enough posts as it is

    #393022012-09-25 01:35:08 *9mm said:

    stop locking threads n shit. these dumbass threads are actually giving some life to thecolorless.

  2. #393032012-09-25 01:49:54megumi-tan said:

    I think the mode are doing fine. If they let everything slide this site would just become shitty. I think instead of the mods laying off, people should just make better threads. And there are a lot of good ones at that. Its not that hard to come up with a good topic. And just waists time to make a poorly constructed one so why not make it good? I'm don't ranting now. Sorry.

  3. #393042012-09-25 02:21:04Lycan said:

    Dear mister or miss @9mm could you please explain more in detail why you think we are not doing our job properly? We can't do a better job if you're only giving us two sentences of your own opinion.

    If we did what everyone wanted us to do, then what do you think would happen?

  4. #393342012-09-25 12:27:13Cloud-VK said:

    We need the mods ...but I can't say I fully agree with them on some points QQ let the mods do what they do whats best

    On another note let people say hi on intro threads before trashing the new kids. Its a lovely spin.

  5. #393462012-09-25 15:50:05momo said:

    @9mm is reffering to this thread that I had locked, as it was terribly constructed. He feels we should let terrible threads off the hook because we're in the back-to-school slump.

    Either way, this happens every year. We're not going to let up on the rules because there are fewer people around to break them right now. kthnxbai

  6. #393502012-09-25 17:22:04 *9mm said:

    @acostoss I don't understand why admins have to be such hardasses and not the let new people express themselves. Website is dead as shit and people are not communicating; so why not just let one of two slide? You guys can be Nazi when someone posts something really R-rated.(honestly, how many threads do you guys have to moderate per year? like 100?)

  7. #393582012-09-25 20:16:13TokoyamiSenshi said:

    not the let new people express themselves

    not the let

    cool grammar bro

    new people express themselves

    express themselves

    Yeah, because that's what they're doing. Really mods, lay off, really.