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  1. Fucking ants

    #394662012-09-26 21:25:57 *Red__Dot said:

    I need some creative ideas on how to destroy an ant colony. They have been in my kitchen for far too long.

  2. #394672012-09-26 21:34:30TokoyamiSenshi said:

    When we were kids, we used to shove water hoses down their holes or set up lenses above entrances and watch them burn, but I guess you can't do that inside, so just buy some ant poison and watch them die slow and horrible deaths. Also, heating up the stove and tossing them on hot metal surface is fun to watch, but you can't do it en masse so it's not very effective.

  3. #394682012-09-26 21:45:48Mau said:

    Call an exterminator and pay him to do it in a Ghostbusters outfit. Bonus points for blasting the Ghostbuster theme while he bombs and sprays the colonies.

  4. #394692012-09-26 21:49:37someone said:

    Lots and lots of raid. Raid traps in openings.Liquid Raid along cracks. Check outside for any cracks If you live in a house (and fill those up with liquid raid).

    So, Raid.

  5. #394742012-09-26 23:36:22dotuser said:

    We have these weird little white house-shaped things with poison globs in them. The ants take the globs and when they store it with their food it poisons their entire collection, effectively destroying the nest.

    I forget what they're called/what company produces them though..

  6. #394772012-09-27 00:00:33someone said:

    I like how I was talking of using a certain brand, and the next post talks about a certain product that he/she used but doesn't know what it's called, even though I mentioned it five times.

  7. #395022012-09-27 11:52:18 *loploplopl said:

    I used to dump sugar on my counter and then surround the sugar with glue and raid. The ants walked right into it and died. Plus it was fun to watch.

  8. #395082012-09-27 14:29:27momo said:

    We've always taken care of ant hills in a few ways:

    • If your area isn't in a drought and fires are safe, wet the area around the ant hill, pour gasoline atop the ant hill, and then set it aflame.

    • If your area doesn't allow ant roasts, boil a couple pots of water, dump them atop the hills. Enjoy their screams.

    • If you want to do the cool thing, grab some grits and sprinkle them over the hill. The grits swell a top when exposed to water, so, when the ants eat them and bring them to the queen, it swells up inside them until they literally burst. This is my favorite plan.

  9. #395102012-09-27 15:29:09Collenan said:

    I once heard that ants hate the smell from rubbers and chalks. I am not sure whether it works or not, but it's worth trying?

  10. #396402012-09-29 11:42:28Red__Dot said:

    @ponta I'm sorry for my lack of history knowledge, but I think you lack creativity in killing living creatures. Seriously vacuuming them? Where is fun in than?