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  1. I created us a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Team (try and say that 2x faster)

    #394752012-09-26 23:45:34 *Xyopq said:

    So yeah, I created a TTT2 team for the Colorless. So if anyone picks up the game, feel free to join yo.

    This is also now the thread for the game.

    I'm currently using Jinpachi and Dragunov as they're both characters that aren't used a lot by other players and I enjoy taking out noobs with a character they thought was rubbish (although my win ratio against Law begs to differ D': )

  2. #395032012-09-27 12:31:49Xyopq said:

    @Kuroba_Loki I've been looking at a few tier lists and they mostly put Dragunov in the A tier and Jinpachi in A or B depending on who he's paired with.

    Other characters I use are Miguel, Lee and Mokujin. Although I still need some practice with them before I take them online.

  3. #395462012-09-28 08:21:35 *eterno said:

    Man, it's been a while since I last played Tekken or any of the 'intense' games and now my wrist is hurting.

    I started using Alisa/Leo btw without any knowledge of the tiers. Simple google search puts them in between B-D so I guess they're lower-tier.

    I'm 6/9 at the moment and I actually lost to the guy in which seem to be a n00b spammer at first (in which I beat them) but as luck had it I was paired with him again and suddenly he turns uber-combo chaining freak guy and I was totally helpless the second time around. I guess you can't judge people's skills online just by beating them once :D

    EDIT: Also, why do people rarely tag online? Are they just counting on one guy or something?

    EDIT2: Randomly paired with the guy again and we got into final battle (and I got a perfect too) while both Alisa/Leo critical while he still has a heavily damaged Mokujin and a similiarly near death, but still decently alive Kazuya. I was afraid he would switch so I keep hitting Mokujin who's on defensive and I actually got a combo in and I won!

    EDIT3(Not Exactly): So got paired up with him again and he floored me... the first two rounds. Then I managed a comeback somehow and got into final battle again. So again, Alisa/Leo critical and his Kazuya is critical but his Mokujin's still full health and he switched to Moku(!) I was like strategically mashing buttons and he died(!).

    I think I'm overdosing on happy chemicals now because I'm still happy even though I just lost to a pro Yoshi/Kunimitsu as well as a lone bruce.

    EDIT4: Got paired up with the guy again but now he has two prone bears, not as exciting cause he was on the floor all the time (baiting me which I took and lost because of it). Well, I want a rematch.

  4. #395532012-09-28 11:50:12Xyopq said:

    @eterno To be honest the tiers don't really mean a lot unless you're playing at the highest level since you need to put in an insane amount of practice to learn all of the correct moves to use in certain situations, to perform all the most damaging combos perfectly every time etc. etc.

    I'd say the ones to watch out for the first 500 matches are the easy to use spammable characters like Law, Lee, Bruce, Eddy & Hworang.

    I think people just forget to tag when they first play the game.

    Btw, are you guys on PS3? @Kuroba_Loki @eterno

  5. #395622012-09-28 14:17:29Xyopq said:

    @Kuroba_Loki I'd play in the arcade too if there was one within a 5 mile radius with Tekken (and if I could use an arcade stick (too used to PS3 controller)).

  6. #395652012-09-28 14:33:57Kuroba_Loki said:

    hahaha buying a stick is not gonna be cheap :D

    But if you really wanna go with the big boys, you have to practice in the arcade to get experience :3

    But online works just as long as your net's fast XD

  7. #395672012-09-28 15:27:59Xyopq said:

    @Kuroba_Loki The new netcode for TTT2 is really good since it uses a modified version of the SCV one. It's come a long way since the abysmal online play of T6 anyway. I've played about 50 matches online (although half were with a friend) and I've had only minimal lag at the most.

    They should give an option to use a PS3 controller in the arcade!

  8. #396462012-09-29 15:23:52Sol said:


    i have this arcade Place that you pay online 10$ and play to your hearts content , ANY system, ANY controller.

    yeah i use Law , Lars, Steve And Hworang

  9. #398062012-10-01 12:22:46 *eterno said:


    Yes, I'm on the PS3 actually. And I guess you're right about people forgetting to tag. It's just jarring that people just don't tag even though it's safe for them to do so and their main is critical.

    Anyway, I finally relearn how to properly play tekken and now my wrist doesn't hurt anymore but now my carpal does :\

    I'm also getting better at Leo and can finally do 10 hit combo at least when the opponent is idle. She's a good juggler but her launchers are hard to connect and of course you can't juggle without hitting one D:

    Meanwhile, Alisa seems to be too unreliable in dire situations. I guess I'll have to find a replacement.

    Also, I officialy hate Hwoarang, the Laws, and the capos at least on the low levels. I swear, they never use 1 or 2.


    There's actually an arcade near where I live but it's so dirty and small and seems like no one but regulars go there. My internetz is really fast even though I play wireless and only costs $30 a month and can be used on multiple device. So far, I haven't experienced any lag if I'm playing against someone with a good connection.

    And actually, tourneys allows pads too nowadays so stick or pad is a matter of preference really. It seems that only in Japan and Korea has the 'no pad' rules because they only play on arcades. In USA at least, the top players are using pads but since the best players are in Japan and Korea, I guess stick is how you're able to play against the best. Of course that is, if you're really serious...

    But then again, the best get to be the best because they play Tekken as their day job so unless you want to be a pro, then you get a free pick. Pads generally are much easier to use though because you're probably are more used to it than an arcade stick. Just make sure that you don't challenge anyone in the arcade if you don't use stick.

    Also, the so called 'big boys' are actually a really hard goal to reach because really, these people probably do nothing but Tekken all the time. I've been to an arcade in Japan and these people really seem to only be away from the cabinets when it's closing time or bathroom breaks. Unless you have no other skill in life, I suggest that you shouldn't try to reach that level.

  10. #402762012-10-10 05:16:58eterno said:

    Hi guys, there's a patch today that adds new characters and a lobby online. Haven't tried it yet but it seems you can get instant opponents now intead of the eons you had to wait before.

    There's also an online tournament now it seems

  11. #402802012-10-10 11:20:13Xyopq said:

    @eterno There are 4 new stages set in Poland, Russia, Chile and Saudi Arabia.

    And three new characters:

    • A slim version of Bob (if you saw his Tekken 6 ending, then that's him)

    • Sebastian, who is Lilli's Butler

    • Miharu Hirano, Ling Xiaoyu's best friend. She was a costume for Xiaoyu in Tekken 4.

    The new Colosseum mode is a lot like Soul Calibur 5's (Although I haven't played either yet).