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  1. #396152012-09-29 07:26:13crazymexican said:

    realy? you will never see 2 JWs fighting like this. religion is suppose to bring people together.theses jews aren't every good jews

  2. #396382012-09-29 11:03:08Gargron said:

    I'm surprised that there are any Jews left in Afghanistan at all. At any rate, they don't hate each other because of their religion, but because of completely secular (and idiotic) reasons, so this has nothing to do with them being Jews.

  3. #397902012-10-01 04:31:11Kyuuun said:

    Arguing over a Torah is completely ridiculous. That's honestly - honestly so stupid. I'd think they would want to bring it to Israel to keep it safe. Honestly, leaving the country would be the safest thing for the both of them, they're both being childish.

  4. #397912012-10-01 04:39:31Momimochi said:

    He wrote a letter to my wife

    What the fuck?

    She wants a divorce

    No, seriously. What the fuck? This could turn into freaking NTR any second and I would not be surprised.

  5. #398142012-10-01 22:02:50SlantDuffy said:

    It's not the fact that they are Jewish that makes them horrible people. It's the fact that they are dirty stinkin' brown Afghan mud people.