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  1. #397182012-09-30 04:14:14SENsei said:

    Just because you said you loved bacon, I'm not going to chew your ass out for undermining how dire this situation is.

  2. #397272012-09-30 04:34:44Momimochi said:

    One Piece is the worst manga series.

    Pretty sure Chestnut said something similar. Pretty sure. Not 100% sure. But, pretty sure.

  3. #397472012-09-30 11:22:46 *megumi-tan said:

    Yeah I don't like bacon either. I don't eat red meat so only Chicken, turkey and fish thank you.

    Edit. Eel is the most fucking amazing meat ever. Baby squid is a close second.

  4. #397642012-09-30 17:28:09 *momo said:

    Why are you all in such a tizzy when there is an even better food out there?

    That food is STEAK.

    Though bacon is fantastic and so are pork chops.

    Actually, most all meat is delicious.

  5. #397702012-09-30 20:03:45ZetKnight said:

    ^ this. but still people are entitled to eat whatever they want without it becoming a mayor problem. but i guess this is teh way of Sen.

    off topic: chocolate sucks sue me.

  6. #397722012-09-30 20:36:11Trisak said:

    I like Bacon. Now, why exactly should I dislike people who don't? This is illogical to me. If they don't want it, then that clearly leaves more for me. Don't care if people like it or not, as long as they don't tell me not to eat mah Bacon! I rest my case :3

  7. #397882012-10-01 04:15:27VexsF said:

    I hate the fat on bacon, and im canadian. I also don't care for steak, probably because it's never been prepaird properly.

  8. #397892012-10-01 04:21:01 *Momimochi said:

    I love the fat on bacon, and I'm Canadian. I also don't care for steak, probably because it's never been prepared properly.

    Bruh, don't ruin your fellow Canadians' record of not being complete assholes to the eyes and IQ of someone else behind another screen.

  9. #397972012-10-01 06:54:28momo said:

    Know what's great?

    Filet Mignon, wrapped in bacon, marinated in Jack Daniels, garlic and orange/lemon/lime juice, grilled medium rare, roasted baby red potatoes, steamed green beens or corn on the cob, a cold beer, and football.

    If you disagree, the terrorists and bacon-haters win.

  10. #398022012-10-01 08:48:53 *SENsei said:

    I don't drink alcohol. :V


    I don't watch sports where guys try to get their hands on other guys' balls.

    Yes to the food though.