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  1. Pixiv English Beta site!

    #398512012-10-02 03:51:29 *Ashkachan said:

    (I didn't see a thread for this, so I decided to make one!)

    Pixiv has (somewhat recently) released a beta for their English site. And it's designed somewhat differently from Pixiv's normal website. It's still working out some of the tweaks, but the overall design is flexible and clearly designed for sharing art. I personally like it, and I like how I barely have any errors uploading art or looking at art unlike most other beta websites.

    What I like about this is Pixiv is branching out into English communities after seeing so many accounts on Pixiv from there. The only downside is that (almost) everything is in Japanese still, but with a translator/Chrome it shouldn't be too tough to read stuff.

    Some screenshots for you too see how cool Pixiv has become!

    http://i.imgur.com/MBWbD.png (The homepage where you can browse popular or new artwork.) http://i.imgur.com/7jYjw.png (One cool way to view and favorite artwork is by clicking on it and you don't leave the page you're on!) http://i.imgur.com/cRZbN.png (Your homepage where you can see what your friends have updated/favorite. Or just your general uploads/favorites.)

    So? What do you think?

  2. #398922012-10-02 18:44:18 *momo said:


    I really hope they do the sane thing and find out the romanized versions of tags and use them as aliases instead of having two camps, those that tag in English and those that tag in Japanese.

    I just wanna look up one tag and see all things that match it, no matter the language.

  3. #398972012-10-02 19:57:05Ashkachan said:

    @acostoss I really hope that too, like they have a built in translator and everything. I heard a rumor that they are making it easier for tagging and stuff, but I haven't seen that yet.

    @Gargron I have way less errors on Pixiv's beta site than Anipan. I dunno.

  4. #398982012-10-02 20:00:23Gargron said:

    @Ashkachan Yeah I know. I am on pixiv since 2008 or something but not on anipan, it's just that new site is (or was) "the hype" not so long ago. I'm surprised that now they look so similar, too.

  5. #398992012-10-02 20:04:11Ashkachan said:

    @Gargron Yeah, I compared both and well... Anipan certainly did take a few of Pixiv's website designs. Which kinda confuses me. I wish Anipan would've worked on the bugs before releasing the beta. It takes me 5 minutes to upload artwork on there lately.