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  1. If you have a power to watch unreleased anime

    #398962012-10-02 19:52:33 *9mm said:

    unreleased anime within 1~3 years in the future, but in terrible English dub... would you watch it?

  2. #399042012-10-02 22:35:50megumi-tan said:

    No. If its in horrible dub, I would rather wait and not spoil it for me and watch it with good voice acting in the future.

  3. #399162012-10-03 05:31:20Lynx_Tiger said:

    What about subs? Horrible voice acting for them too? That'd suck. Then the anime wouldn't be worth watching if it was dubbed or subbed and then...then people would be like what happened to the days when anime used to be /good/?!

    I'm probably being overly dramatic about it though...