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  1. #399862012-10-05 04:37:06Settsuo-kun said:

    I have a few...

    "Man, why does my junk itch...?"

    "Oh god why'd you create hipsters?"

    "I ordered 5 hours ago and why that hipster is still there."

    "Hang it up, that novel you're reading is shit."

    "Hang it up, that novel you're typing is shit."

    "If that hipster corrects another person on how to say cappuccino i'm going to punch it in the face...."

    "Hang it up you suck at reading kid."

    "Don't ask me why i'm here when I ordered like 5 hours ago."

    "Oh crap, here come the overly japanese... non-japanese."

    "Ew that old man farted and laughed... lawl."

    "Dat ass."

    "I wonder did I cut my stove off...?"

    "iPhone hoes."

    "We get it you own an iPhone STFU!"

    "I'm going to punch you if you don't tell SIRI to STFU!"

    This are some of the random things I think about when in my local cafe.