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  1. K the anime

    #400452012-10-06 05:02:12 *munakata said:

    oh my god when I watched the first episode of the anime "K" Iwas like screaming the word "YAOI" cuz I saw a part in he episode when yatogami hugged isana then isana blushed

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  2. #400562012-10-06 08:28:59 *momo said:

    "K" rhymes with "gay", which rhymes with "gei", which is part of "HaddoGei", who is a popular Japanese homosexual variety television man.


  3. #401092012-10-07 03:08:29Anemone1 said:

    I loved the first episode and hope the rest get better each week. Yatogami Kuroh's entrance was -as I thought- amazing!

    @Munakata: I also thought ~kawaii~ when I saw Kuroh grab Yashiro Isana close to him and then Isana blush as he stared at him. I hope they have a deep friendship like Nezumi and Sion in No.6 or like Izaya and Shinra in the Durarara!! novels.

  4. #401322012-10-07 19:47:56Dante_Butler said:

    great first impression, seems like a good anime. however what bothers me is that technically white is a color--> not colorless but just pretty much all colors at once while there also is a "black king" in the anime [ black being the absence of all colours]...

    get your physics together guys