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  1. Chicken you can cook in a toaster: A review

    #400842012-10-06 21:32:10 *someone said:

    So a few days ago, @Maudia brought up the fact that out there somewhere in the world, there is a product where you can make chicken... from your toaster, followed by a picture. After looking at said picture, I realized that somewhere happened to be in Canada, and promised I would buy it if I found it, since the particular brand's chicken breasts/nuggets happen to be a good snack when they're on sale. After finding that they were on sale at a grocery store on my way home, I got a pack, and now must report to you guys about this weird/wonderful discovery.

    So here's the box. Apparently, it's also available in the US under the "Thank Goodness" brand. This one is obviously marketed towards kids, but then again it could make a decent chicken sandwich so who gives a fuck. http://i.imgur.com/AS1qT.jpg

    FUCK YEA CANADA http://i.imgur.com/m3Wfu.jpg

    Cooking instructions. http://i.imgur.com/48aJ6l.jpg

    Instructions for the even lazier. http://i.imgur.com/1frX1.jpg

    Frozen form http://i.imgur.com/o3BUI.jpg

    To be cooked. http://i.imgur.com/yYNBr.jpg

    And in it goes http://i.imgur.com/i2M2W.jpg

    2.5 toaster cycles later. I like mine a bit more well cooked, dgaf. http://i.imgur.com/Z2aAp.jpg

    Overall? Pretty good, it's crispy and the chicken itself was what I expected. I should probably get some bread to eat it with next time.

  2. #400872012-10-06 21:44:01Mau said:

    YOU ACTUALLY DID IT. And they sell it in the US? Excuse me while I hunt desperately for this.

  3. #400912012-10-06 22:45:4313 said:

    Looks terrible though. I've always had a unusual revulsion towards crispy and deep-fried food, especially fish.

    especially fish.

  4. #401022012-10-07 01:20:30megumi-tan said:

    I would be afraid to eat this. I would want to know how they raise the chicken etc etc. You should see how tyson raises their chicken... I did and now I wont touch it. ( ok I will touch it but you know)

  5. #402412012-10-09 16:45:40 *zatsunen said:

    Even after 2.5 cycles, it doesn't look toasted enough for my liking. I wonder if they sell anything similar in Australia.... doubt it though. :< WELL MY TOASTER HAS A BUILT IN EGG COOKER. I will be content with that...