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  1. Hairstyles

    #402512012-10-09 20:40:05 *Wolfangle said:
    So yea, show off your real hair.
    Long, short, wild, freaky..yep yeap.
    Just got a haircut? show it of with pics for proof and attention..bleh
    Post em hair!!
  2. #402652012-10-10 00:49:12megumi-tan said:

    Well I am too embarrassed to put a real picture of myself. My skin has no Color due to lack of sunlight and using sun screen whenever I go out at that and my bangs have grown out and its all long and black... and other shit. So this is the closest thing I can think of to whats I look like. No. Seriously.

  3. #402752012-10-10 05:13:07eterno said:

    All I can say is that my hair is pretty neat. I got a haircut from a guy who promote himself as a 'master barber' and likewise had to schedule an appoinment like a month in advance.

    The result? Well, think of regular pplz short hair where you just trim here and there and looks pretty corporate-ish. BUT, thanks to the fact he only used scissors, it looks really like the 'normal' hairs in anime where it looks 'normal' but still adds character (Think Mikado-ish) so it's a pretty great haircut and the best of it all, it actually looks good in the wind and I never had hair that worked well with the wind.

    And boy, I like my bedhead so much too. It looks like an anime hair but not too weeaboo-ish. One thing about this haircut that irks me though is that you can't style it so if I want the bedhead look, I really musn't wash my hair for the day. But man, it worths an itchy scalp once in a while to get that look.

    No pics though because no photo can represent its awesomeness.

  4. #402812012-10-10 11:24:11Lycan said:

    Oh yeah, the wind... One second everything is normal. The next second I CAN'T SEE A SINGLE THING. And in the next second yet, I see TOO MUCH.

    It's hard and no one understands.

  5. #402912012-10-10 17:46:03judar said:

    My hair is just . . . dumb; the best word to sum it up is stupid. My hair is extremely stupid. It's not exactly got layers but half of it's kind of shorter than the other and it's long-ish but not long enough yet to be able to do anything with and it all sticks out everywhere because stupid length and straighteners have no effect after an hour or so.

  6. #403012012-10-10 22:32:56MrTrain said:

    Well at the moment my bangs are really really annoying, when dry they are long down to my nose, when wet they are long down to my lips. I really need to cut them soon.

  7. #403042012-10-11 01:10:32Ashkachan said:

    I just let my hair dry naturally and well... it does this. I use this all natural shampoo, conditioner, and gel so my hair doesn't dry out from chemicals, ahaha.