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  1. #404682012-10-12 16:49:56megumi-tan said:

    There has been no official release date. I'm sure someone will end up linking you to that YouTube video of some of the people involved with the show making some vague, noncommittal comments about a second season at a US con over the summer( 2011), but this is not an announcement of any kind. It's basically just confirming that they would like to do a second season, not that they are absolutely definitely going to do a second season, let alone in the near future. Here. But that was a year ago. I have been hearing more about it so pretty sure.

  2. #404692012-10-12 16:56:37 *SENsei said:

    Okay, let's get this out of the way: it's not confirmed until there's actually an announcement that it is. Taking vague comments at an interview at face value is stupid, and you know better. Various people always say they'd like to work on a series again, and any rumors floating around that a second season is coming while the manga is still on hiatus should be incinerated.

    I have been hearing more about it so pretty sure

    Well, I've been hearing about that slice-of-life season of Madoka based on a vague interview too for the past year and a half, but I'm pretty sure it ain't happening any time soon.

    In short: Get yo shit together, and use concrete sources. Also, don't give shitty estimated airing dates, again, you know better.