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  1. Photoshop help?

    #405052012-10-13 00:45:08 *Lunavoir said:

    Hi... I'm new to The Colorless, so I'm a little unused to things. Anyway, I was wondering... how do you color a picture using photoshop? I've seen some people do it and it looks amazing! But when I do it (ot attempt to), it looks.... well, not so good. Could anyone help me?

  2. #405062012-10-13 00:46:08 *Lycan said:

    First of all let's change that thread title a little and add some tags. Now let's hope there's a nice soul out there who have time to help you.

  3. #405132012-10-13 01:48:17Ashkachan said:

    There are so many ways to do it. I'd suggest playing around with the saturation/adjustments tab in Photoshop. I'd make a tutorial for ya if you want!

  4. #405142012-10-13 02:15:54 *Mau said:

    Have you surfed around for tutorials on Deviantart? While the community is shit, the resources are bountiful, you also need to remember things like this take a lot of practice, the people you've seen coloring have had years to practice.

    If you want some resource links, I could try to provide some decent links.

    A lot of the times with colors you really need to play around with the settings as Ashkachan mentioned. Playing with things such as the Flow, Opacity, and brushes. Layer settings can also add a bit of difference, it also helps when coloring to use the eyedropper tool when colors have you baffled, and to observe things from life to understand the color of things. Here's a tutorial link, this tutorial is amazing when explaining things like color, it's also got pictures;

    and here's a tutorial to help you see what not to do, or common mistakes when painting digitally.

  5. #405152012-10-13 02:19:28Noon said:

    It honestly depends on what you're working on and how you wish to colour it (or what style you're going for.)

    If you're colouring an image that's straight up black and white, you can just use a colour tint adjustment and see where that takes you. You could also get the same effect by making a separate layer strictly for the colour, and then turning it into an overlay. If you're going for a colouring book sort of thing, you can pretty much just straightforward do it by hand.

    For images that are already full colour, there are even more options. If you're trying to make colour stand out more, you can do what @Ashkachan recommended and play with the saturation and vivid colour adjustments. You can also play with colour tinting and colour overlays again and see where that gets you.

    If you want any specific help with a certain style of colouring, you're going to want to be a little more specific to us all so that we can point you in the right direction. There are several artistic members here and I'm sure a good lot of us will help you out.

  6. #406202012-10-14 18:05:09numberthirteen said:

    I got a tip from a friend once. If the picture is black and white from the beginning just create new layers, set them to "multiply" and start colouring. Multiply makes it so that the color only sticks to the white parts :3

  7. #406242012-10-14 20:34:57Lunavoir said:

    Thank you guys so much! I just needed to know because I was planning on coloring an artwork for a graphic tee... but I'll do my best! You guys were really helpful! Thank you :)

  8. #407692012-10-16 22:23:21yukihana said:
    It takes a lot of practice. I'm learning myself. Try looking at other pictures to see how they do it. I like and use UdonNodu's pictures as a reference for brush strokes. This is the brush pack that I installed and use when I draw. I found and now use this color swatch to color in my images. It uses the colors from Copic Markers. DeviantArt also has a ton of tutorials that you might want to check out. Here are the tutorials I've favorited. There are some good ones. And if you don't have a graphic tablet, I'd suggest getting one. I tried using a mouse, but it just didn't work for me. I bought the cheapest Wacom Bamboo tablet and love it.