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  1. [PROJECT] The Colorless DS

    #405272012-10-13 08:09:15 *MrTrain said:

    You know how so many projects are started, and almost none of them finish? I doubt this will finish either, but we shall try.(?)

    http://i.imgur.com/LQeIT.png So this is a dating simulation game with will involve various users on the chat site thecolorless.net.

    This project needs writers, artists, programmers, and possibly musicians. Also someone to rewrite this post.

    Updates: Decided to be SFW.

  2. #405282012-10-13 08:10:01 *MrTrain said:

    Volunteer List

    Please take notice that the following sub-category names are in plural.

    Artists: @MrTrain @kosukechan @Inasda @Momimochi @Ashkachan @ponta @Usagii @Matt

    Programmers: @MrTrain @Red__Dot @kosukechan

    Writers: @kosukechan @Arrekusu @sully @Robinesque @xXMaiiChananyan @Viral @ponta @Usagii @Spades @Momimochi @SENsei (wolf route)

    Musicians: @Momimochi @Viral

    Maybes: @MrTrain (music) @Inasda (music) @Momimochi (story) @Viral (art / program) @Mairu_Orihara (any) @OverSol (Mairu's servant) @Spades (program)

  3. #405432012-10-13 12:34:22Red__Dot said:

    @MrTrain I can help with programming. Though my area of studies is VoIP and clent/server based apps i can also do the desing with openGL or what ever. I program with c/c++.

  4. #405462012-10-13 13:57:58 *SENsei said:

    You should drop the voice acting aspect all together or shove it to the side as an optional thing. You don't need it, focus on the writing first; you can worry about voice acting when you actually have a story together. :V

  5. #405492012-10-13 14:21:11Viral said:

    Holy crap can't decide what to beeeeeeeeeeee.

    I'll go down for writer and musician. But if you need an extra artist or programmer - I know Flash and a few visual novel generators if you need one.

  6. #405532012-10-13 15:40:05MrTrain said:

    @archangel I agree with what SENsei said, voice acting is probably gonna be optional.

    Yay helpers! I would've come up with a skill test, but I'm a bit too lazy at the moment. First things first,

    will this be NSFW ?

  7. #405592012-10-13 17:43:03Mairu said:

    I'll help with whatever you need. This was an old project that @n1xx and I were working on, btu sadly it died. However, I would love to make this one came true!

  8. #405632012-10-13 18:35:55Sol said:

    I'll be Mairu's Right hand man on this project. I wanna help, but i would just do what Mairu tells me to do.