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  1. #406572012-10-15 03:00:31 *PigBoss said:

    Sunday 14, 2012 10 PM

    I was at home cooking up my late dinner and finished cooking at 10 pm. Since I didn't have much in my inventory, I cooked something special, which means I don't even know what it is called.

    I heated up a frozen chicken breast from Walmart. Since I couldn't digest the rice I bought, I thought boiling them to make some type of porridge was a good idea. After the rice became porridge-like, I added some Korean pepper paste. For the finishing touch, I cut up some dried seaweed (gim in Korean, nori in Japanese) and salted it.

    The lack of beverage forced me to become resourceful. I opened up a can of peach halves to serve as my dessert and drink.

  2. #406742012-10-15 12:40:10 *megumi-tan said:

    Sunday 14 7pm I Cooked chicken, then rice. I cooked carrots, peppers, peas, and broccoli. I then added egg beaters and soy sauce to the vegetables and cooked that all together before mixing in the chicken and rice. I ate this at home by myself. This morning I had it for breakfast while everyone else was eating frosted flakes Lol.

  3. #406752012-10-15 13:08:52 *Xyopq said:

    Leftover Pizza from Dominoes for breakfast :3

    Me and my fish had breakfast together, although they had fish flakes. They always eat fish flakes, I offered them pizza, but they just love dem flakes too much.

  4. #406812012-10-15 14:46:04 *SlantDuffy said:

    So. I live upstairs. I was woken up at 45 minutes past midnight to go downstairs and sit in a chair. I stared at the front door for about seven hours. Alone.

    Between 1 am to 6 am I slowly consumed an entire pound of beef jerky and a liter of water.

    I stayed up from midnight until 8 am. At 8 am, I was allowed to go to work. I was given a lunch break from 11:00 to 11:30. I ate a pork chop, breaded and fried. Drank some tea.

    At 11:30, I went back to work. Around 1 pm, I went to snort some influenza (A vaccine). Went back to work. Was dismissed at about 4:30/5-ish. I went home. Did some work until about 5:30 pm, when I got called back to work. Got off work for reals at 7 pm. From 7 pm until 9:30 pm I was at the gym. Then I came back and ate a sandwich. Then from 10:00 pm until now (Midnight, again) I drank a beer and watched a movie.

    It's midnight. I am about to go to sleep. So I can repeat this cycle all over again. (Minus the whole going downstairs to stare at the front door by myself.)

    I ate: Beef jerky. Pork chop for lunch. Sandwich for dinner. (I should eat a lot more)

    There is even boring details of my life in-between meals.

  5. #406962012-10-15 18:55:34Alexa_Takosumi101 said:

    Where: At home. When: This morning. Around 10:00 With Whom: No one but my cute black cat. Homemade or not: Not. Unless a microwave counts. Lol. What: Udon noodle soup. <3

  6. #407852012-10-17 00:25:11AlphaHikari_1A14 said:


    I had a single biscuit (the school had run out of sausages), a small pack of syrup, and a small carton of orange juice. I ate that with whatever student was at the table. It wasn't homemade. The time was around 7:19 am. I was at school obviously. (Yea that pissed a lot of students off...)


    Again I had this in school. The time could have been 12 pm. I was with my 3rd block class. It wasn't homemade. It was some sort of meat that could have been chicken or something related to it, salad (with no dressing), a banana, and a small juice carton. (I have given up on school food by this point...)


    This time I was at home. It was 5:30. I ate alone. It still wasn't homemade. It was two slices of pizza. (I now see why I'm a lightweight.....)

  7. #407982012-10-17 03:37:06Jenna38 said:

    A Thanksgiving Sandwich.......don't ask..please..just don't because it's pretty self explanatory believe it or not.

  8. #407992012-10-17 05:34:19Mau said:

    This evening, I had New England Styled Clam Chowder and a Cheeseburger drenched in sriracha sauce. I was eating with same person I eat with every night, myself.

  9. #408032012-10-17 07:54:16PigBoss said:

    October 16, 2012

    After playing some billiards, I said I was hungry to my friend. She said she'd treat me to a guest pass to one of the many on campus dining halls. Unfortunately, all of them were closed except for the late night one. I stayed there from 10:45pm to 11:20 pm. I met some pretty cool engineering and liberal arts peers. While there, we chat about life. Whatever.

    The more important thing is food. I ate 4 soft-shell tacos filled with beans because the lady who was serving the meat apparently didn't know what a lot meant. I ate a plate of salad. I also had 3 pizzas. I smuggled 2 pizzas for breakfast. For beverages, I had 2 cups of soda; they didn't have soy milk. For dessert, I had soft-serve chocolate ice-cream.

  10. #409962012-10-21 03:22:26zatsunen said:

    At about 12pm or later I decided to crawl out of bed instead of continuing to watch youtube videos because of my protesting stomach. I had been alone in the house for hours by then. I made myself a chicken sandwich, (the chicken and bread were store bought) and accompanied it with a glass of milk. Then I cut myself a slice of store bought butter cake and enjoyed it while watching cats sleep on youtube.

  11. #427782012-11-15 23:45:45PigBoss said:

    At 4:30 pm, I decided that eating was a good choice since all I had all day was a packet of poptarts.

    I pilled out two defrosted chicken thighs from the refrigerator, poured some soy sauce in the ziplock bag, and proceded to pound the bag into the cheap kitchen counter. After I tenderized my chicken, I really wanted some rice, so it took 20 minutes to get some rice and beans ready. While the rice was cooling down, I heated up a green walmart fry pan for 3 minutes and then threw the chicken on top of the fresh canola oil.

    I hate it when I get some hot oil on my skin. Oh well.

    Promptly after browning both sides of both thighs, the fat/sauce/carcinogens were on their way to the nearby lakes. After wiping the pan clean with a tissue, I placed the chicken back on the pan and diced them up with a scissor. A few minutes later, I combined the rice, chicken, and some seaweed into a bowl and I am happily enjoying it while I type this bullshit up.

    I am with my friendly coffee mug/pitcher and my laptop. This was indeed homecooked.


  12. #427882012-11-16 05:03:27Chestnut_Rice said:

    November 15, 2012: In the morning I had a glass of milk at home before heading off for school. I didn't eat any thing at school, which happens too often methinks, but in any case I got a can of pop for a loonie at the end of lunch break so I could stay awake last block. When I got home I felt sort of peckish so I had a slice of toast and spread a bit of butter over it. Then Mother got home and I had a baked ManTou with ZhouZi Rou and some sautéed You Cai.

  13. #427892012-11-16 05:42:14 *Momimochi said:

    ^ Goddamn you eat so little.

    11/05/12: Breakfast: Two pieces of waffles with maple syrup and bacon (ALL HOME-MADE). Some good bacon that was. And a cup of milk.

    Break 1 at school: A cookie from cafeteria.

    Break 2: This tortilla thing with cheese and fried rice inside and honeycluster dip on the side I bought for $3.50. It was pretty good, except it was huge so I ALMOST didn't finish before break ended. Almost.

    Lunch: A sandwich (home-made) and lasagna with garlic bread (school) with a friends. Good shit be good.

    After school: This Chocolate Almond caramel roll thing with cream inside and Vita Soy, Soy-milk flavour (bought in some chinese bakery store, drink was... err, already bought). good snack was good.

    Dinner: Chinese crab with noodles, bai cai, niu lan he bai luo bo (Home-made). Good dinner was good.

  14. #427902012-11-16 06:36:08Chestnut_Rice said:

    ^ Goddamn that's a lot. @momimochi

    I actually could eat a lot more, but I just don't have the financial will. Mainly because Mother refuses to pack me a lunch or give me a weekly allowance and instead gives me a few hundred bucks for the entire term. Sink it all in to games and shit. Those things will be the death of me, ugh. Some times I get a loonie pizza from that shitty place at the banking intersection (you know, with TD, VanCity and CIBC) after school before visiting eSpot. Crap tastes like cardboard but the toppings are alright and I'm used to it, plus it's cheap and filling so I can have more monies to spend on my stupid arcade gaems, obv.

  15. #428002012-11-16 15:40:10 *Momimochi said:


    I thought I told you about how bad my sense of direction was (lol got lost in a straight corridor on the last day of summer school in Burnett) so no, I've no idea where you're talking about. The cheapest pizza place I know's like, Fresh Slice or 7/11 during sales. LOL

    ..... Make your own lunch? Like, fried rice? I refuse to believe your rice-cooker does not have any over-night rice and your fridge without eggs.

    Or, dude, getyourgirlfriendtomakeitlolwhut.

  16. #428332012-11-17 03:37:20 *Mau said:

    Today I woke up at home with a cold at 3 PM, so I made hot tea with lemon and honey, downed some Nyquil, ate some leftover mashed potatoes I had made the night before, because I had to eat something.

    I went back to bed, and then I ordered chicken noodle soup and a pizza because you need a 10 minimum to order around here. I'm eating the soup with complimentary italian bread as I type this.