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  1. Pokebattle! - CL Pokemon League

    #407552012-10-16 18:47:48 *judar said:

    A wild Server-tan has appeared!


    This thread is dedicated to acquiring Friend Codes of all CL members! (Since I didn't already find one) Don't know what a friend code is?

    A Friend Code is a unique twelve-digit code generated once the player has logged onto the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on their Wii or DS for the first time. It is used to identify friends for online play. It can be used to co-op play with trainers around the world as well as trade and train Pokemon and for Pokemon B/W/2 versions they can be used to register neighbors in the Dream World!

    To join the CL Pokemon League pleasepost your in-game name and your friend code which can be found in the pal-pad!

    Please note, that if you do put down your friend code here, that everyone will be able to have access to it - if you wish not to have it on the master-list please do not post - thank you!

    Format: @User - GameName - numbernumbersnumbers


  2. #407572012-10-16 19:47:23Lycan said:

    I'll post mine when I get my wi-fi to work, which might take a while. But I have my main team on my SoulSilver, so I can't fight with B/W or B/W 2 :I

  3. #408072012-10-17 09:52:36momo said:

    Man, I only have a decent team in Pearl ;w;. They might hold up in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, but I doubt in B/W.

  4. #408192012-10-17 16:19:27judar said:

    @acostoss Ahhh, I know how you feel! My team is all on Platinum :>

    I'm pretty sure it works across all of the games :O ?

    Platinum can connect with B2/W2 apparently so all version should be fine :>

    If you want, you can put version names too!

  5. #408632012-10-18 11:33:41momo said:

    there are certain strategies that I used to employ, things for most every situation. I've been out of the pokemon metagame for years, so I don't have any real tactics for the newer pokemon, don't know the current tiers, changes between versions, etc.

  6. #408532012-10-18 01:38:29Josh_The_Mech said:

    I have pokemon white, but i haven't been playing, so expect to see low lvl pokemon, unless I have time to train.

    I have a habit of making annoying teams. I plan to get black2, but for now i cant play any pokemon games cuz i let someone borrow mine. ill update this later with my information.

  7. #409652012-10-20 13:24:20TheyCallMeCheese said:

    3311 0431 1973 For Pokemon BW. Not BW2...//goes to corner to sob.// But I also have a PO and Showdown account if anybody wants to battle there~X3