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  1. What's your view on the Death Penalty

    #409332012-10-19 15:29:56 *SENsei said:

    Since @CloudVariasKira locked his thread because we found out he was using multiple accounts to back himself up like a little girl (and before locking, denied it even though we all know he did it lol), I decided to remake this thread.

    Oh and "Death Penalty" in this context isn't whatever your nation's laws on the matter are like the previous thread, it's actually "what do you think about Sen being able to sentence you to death at his own leisure over something as minuscule as touching his books when he says not to touch his books."

    So what do you guys think about me having control over when and how you die?

  2. #409342012-10-19 15:31:11 *Flywalker37 said:

    I think it's unfair. We didn't kill anyone, so why do we get killed? You're not God. Or even a demigod, for that matter.

    (Edit: Found it funny that I posted this while I had the Reaper symbol as my Grav LMAO)

  3. #409442012-10-19 18:19:48SENsei said:

    The rules of fairness are tipped to my favor. I kill and don't have take responsibility for it, and because I'm, well, me, it's fair.