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  1. How do you lose feelings for someone you really like a lot?

    #411162012-10-23 04:04:11 *random2017 said:

    So, I met this guy 10 months ago, through a friend of mine, and we hung out every day for 3 months, besides on the weekends and the days he couldn't hang out, til late May, within a month of hanging out with him, I developed feelings for him but I didn't tell him til after 6 months of knowing him. Then I didn't see him for 4 months after that. He has a girlfriend now, and he isn't really the same as I knew him, yet, I still have feelings for him. And well, the way I see it, I have no chance with him whatsoever, and well I don't want to have feelings for him anymore so how do I lose them?

    p.s he sees me as his sister, and well i want to lose these feelings for him so when I hear about his relationship with his girlfriend, I won't be hurt at all.

  2. #411172012-10-23 04:15:59 *SENsei said:

    You play eroge until you've numbed your feelings for real life relationships, and seek comfort in the 2D world.

  3. #411182012-10-23 05:11:33 *Mau said:

    Really, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, you can't magically stop those feelings. There's no special off button, these feelings will eventually disappear but not nearly as fast as you'd like, but they will disappear eventually.

    You'll stop feeling the way you do, maybe you'll even laugh and wonder what you even saw in him in the first place. Try focusing on other things such as hobbies and your studies.

    (Playing as much eroge you can find that will destroy your perception of men permanently works too, granted your psychological well being is not promised.)

  4. #411232012-10-23 06:30:16Yui-Maeda said:

    So like, name and point out all the bad things about him and basically convince yourself you hate his guts. Then go out and find someone else that's you think is better then him. ^_^ Or you can do what I do and run away every time yu see him! ^\_\^ (it's probably not the best idea)

  5. #411252012-10-23 06:51:53Noodle said:

    Don't hang out with him and the feelings Will eventually go away. Or you just accept your relation for what it is. That will take time and probably be a pain in the ass, but if you really want to be able to hang out with him that is the only way.

  6. #411262012-10-23 07:20:45RagingPeace said:

    Don't think about it too much. Just relax and take life slowly. You will start to notice that there is more things to think about than about him, and eventually your feelings will fly away. Believe that these feelings will never be gone because you thought he was the one? Nope. They will surely fade as quick as a snail (that is, if it is on salt and running for dear life, all while strapped to a rocket, the size of the moon...). Life is too short to continuously wander on feelings. And that's why people change. And why we can't have nice things...

    So do things you enjoy and all will be good. Eroge sounds good for now. You may never know~ May life treat you best. #:

  7. #411302012-10-23 18:16:13Ashkachan said:

    Take it from me, they won't disappear. You'll have feelings for him for years, maybe even when your in your 20's. I know I will for awhile.

    Don't assume he doesnt too though! Maybe he does and just hides it well, guys are just as confusing as girls.

    (Playing eroges won't help.)

  8. #411352012-10-23 20:31:05 *bleachedsnow said:

    Personally, I look for flaws when I'm trying to lose feelings. Nothing gets rid of infatuation faster than learning that your beloved isn't perfect. Don't do it so much that you end up hating him (because that's not fun), but just enough that the thought of being his girlfriend makes you think it'd be a pain. It'll still take some time.

    Or you can just stop hanging out with him (potentially destroying your relationship with him if you don't do it right), but that's pretty drastic.

  9. #411372012-10-23 21:17:10 *SENsei said:


    Take it from me

    Off to a bad start already!

    they won't disappear.

    The mindset of a truly overly obsessive person. Everyone, this leads to stalking, and then before you know it, you're sneaking into someone's home to collect hair from their shower drain.

    Playing eroges won't help.

    This is a dirty, dirty lie; eroge are paving the path to world peace. The little credibility you had has been completely voided.

  10. #411462012-10-23 22:40:10Ethernal said:

    well,trying to forget him and somehow erase him from your world is a bad idea. if he was a good friend to you, you dont have to erase him just because he has a girlfriend now and you cant be togeather. Feelings, they will stay, maybe more or maybe less but they will stay. my suggestion is to stay a good friend and keep your pain inside.

  11. #411482012-10-23 23:26:02AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I say that you should just give it some time. Continue to have relationships with other people and try not to think about him too much. Eventually the feelings will fade away on their own.

  12. #411492012-10-23 23:41:50Maryam said:

    You'll have feelings for him for years, maybe even when your in your 20's.

    WTF? I don't think that's normal.

  13. #411582012-10-24 01:59:42 *XLuciant said:

    First do you still want to be around this guy, like as in for him to keep remaining your friend? If yes then it will be rather hard for you to stop and suddenly forget your feelings but hell maybe he will ask you out, when he breaks up with his girlfriend. Just get to know him better and spend more time with him(don't even count on it, its just a stupid really unlikely to happen theory that I made up just to make you feel better). But just try to forget about it because that is pretty much the only thing you can do. And if you don't want to even be around this guy then forget about him and START ENJOYING LIFE!!!

    Also VERY important you probably already know this but I'll say it anyways It is pointless asking for advice especially with threads because most people here don't give a shit so they start their own little conversations about stuff like "eroges". So I would recommend you to never follow the advice given and only take ideas that seem legit to you.

    Anyway good luck with your personal life issues.

  14. #411592012-10-24 02:28:18 *SENsei said:

    people here don't give a shit

    Hey, fuck you pal. I wouldn't address the problem if I didn't give a shit. :V

    never follow the advice given

    Start by not following @XLuciant's advice.

    Srsly, an eroge will solve everything.

  15. #411602012-10-24 02:44:04Tsukiko said:
    You can't just automatically end those feelings, it takes time.

    WTF? I don't think that's normal.

    Agree, that's way too much time o_o.