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  1. Anything to watch lately?

    #411242012-10-23 06:46:46Yui-Maeda said:

    Anything good to watch lately? TV shows? Anime? As far as anime I've watched: Sword Art Online Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Naruto Bleach Drrr! (Durarara) Cashire Sins? (I don't remember the name) Chibi Vampire Rosario Vampire Vampire Night Tsubasa Dance in the vampire bund Samurai 7 Madoka Magica Girls And about 2 more that I can't remember the names to.

    For TV shows I've watched: Pretty little lairs Haunted high Alphas Ghost whisperer (My favorite! ^_^) Pit bulls and parolees (spell check) ASPCA CSI (all) Gossip girl Paranormal witness Haunted Highway (pretty much anything with ghosts and haunted and stuff)

    Anything new to watch? Perferablly Anime, I don't really feel like dropping what I'm doing and trying to run to the TV every 6:00 hour. plus I might miss a few episodes here and there and the replays and ech.....

    Thanks!! ^_^

    (by the way I'm kinda new so sorry if I did something wrong or didn't do something because I probably know only half the things I'm doing here)

  2. #411282012-10-23 17:48:38MrTingles said:

    If you go to the CW site, you can watch a show called Arrow based off of the Green Arrow comics. It's not SUPER amazing, but it's violent and passable, I reckon.

  3. #411292012-10-23 17:54:15Settsuo-kun said:

    I've personally been rewatching older animes these past few weeks. I just finished Eureka Seven and Wolf's Rain and actually love those two more than newer animes lately.

    K's alright, Psycho-Pass's first episode gave me a Spike v.s. Vicious thing at the beginning, but I'll watch it just for the premise which is pretty ok right now. I'm still undecided by what else is dropping this season.

    As for actual TV shows Burn Notice is the only one I really follow, besides that it's the random episodes of Law and Order, Modern Family, and Supernatural.

  4. #411322012-10-23 18:40:22InsaneBoredGame said:

    I'm on a rewatch Doctor Who marathon. Almost done with Classic ~

    Judging by the stuff you like, I guess you might be into Teen Wolf, Pushing Daisies, or Dead Like Me.

    Not really much of an anime person so yeah...

  5. #411422012-10-23 21:58:19megumi-tan said:

    I am watching the walking dead. That's pretty much it for now. I watch honey boo boo from time to time but only a bit because my IQ drops every time I watch it.

  6. #411572012-10-24 01:25:41Viral said:

    I would suggest watching Community. Seriously, it's a great show.

    Also...I've been rewatching doctor who

  7. #411692012-10-24 03:46:09Yui-Maeda said:

    Oh yeah I've watched doctor who, the walking dead, pushing daisies, teen wolf too lol forgot to add them. Thanks for the replies though! If you guys can think of any more please comment them!! I looked up a bunch of the ones a few of you already suggested ^_^ thanks guys!

  8. #411912012-10-24 10:23:51momo said:

    In no particular order:

    • Chuu-2 - Fan-fucking-tastic
    • Little Busters - Can't help but think "this'd be better if KyoAni was adapting this" while hoping for a remake!
    • K - though it is hovering in drop territory
    • Kaibutsu-kun - gotta love dat shoujo and propagation of rape-culture
    • Kimi ni Todoke - backlog
    • Heartcatch! Pretty Cure - backlog, sooooo great
    • Mobile Suit Gundam (0079) - let's watch ALL of the UC Gundam!
    • Madoka Magica (BD) - rewatch in preparation for the films
    • Eureka seveN: Astral Ocean - Last episodes coming in a month or so
    • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - DIO! DIO! DIOOOOOOOOOOO!!
    • Magi - Drop territory as well, just can't get it to grasp my attention
    • Spice and Wolf (S1) - rewatch with roomate
    • Star Driver - rewatch with friend
    • Princess Jellyfish - rewatch with other roomate and friend
    • Breaking Bad - still in season 1
    • Community - because fuck yes
    • Weeds - gotta catch up, I'm somewhere in season 4, I think
    • Dexter - Season 3 here, I think

    This is what I have been watching this past month or so, usually while commuting to and from work.

    (why aren't you guys using unordered lists, anyways!?)

  9. #415582012-10-30 14:40:23syunfung said:

    Um... So I don't get to watch a whole lot during the semester, but over the past few months...

    • Madoka - Written by Gen Urobuchi, how can anyone resist? That, and it's a different twist on the Mahou Shoujo genre, so it's definitely worth watching.
    • Sankarea - At the behest of @n1xx... (I normally hate Zombies, but... I gave it a chance after watching Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. That, and I guess it's less "scary zombie" so much as romantic comedy?)
    • Hyouka - I haven't started, but I intend to once Thanksgiving break begins; I-I blame @n1xx again!
    • Chuu2 - I don't think I need to explain this one, haha.
    • Kimi ni Todoke S2 - I stopped last year after finals week, so I need to get watching on this again!

    (P.S. Pushing Daisies is great! :D )