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  1. Official King and Queen of CL!

    #411812012-10-24 08:57:45 *El_Melon said:

    Good day to you, my fine bitches. This thread is here as an official vote for the King and Queen of The Colorless! I have (hopefully) mentioned everyone that has received a vote in the ELECTION thread. The two people who received the most votes will be the king and queen. There will be a separate thread for the rest of the CL to decide which is which. The vote will be officially over sometime during the 29th. Have fun!

  2. #411822012-10-24 09:12:50SlantDuffy said:

    Wow. I voted for everyone once. Then, my browser crashed in the middle of voting for Deftones. And he suddenly received 4 votes. You should fix this error. Also, you misspelled "Official" in the title.

  3. #411942012-10-24 11:32:03 *SENsei said:

    You know, this was fun, but it's kinda lost its flavor. I never wanted to win to begin with either. :V

    Can we just like, take my name off the poll, and replace it with @Nigga?

    @Lumiex: だが俺よりあなたがもっと素晴らしい。昔も、今も、未来も。だから、あなたに出会ったほんとに良かった。俺らの友好は運命で繋がっている。

  4. #412132012-10-24 18:44:27 *SENsei said:


    reverse psychology

    Hey, fuck you pal, if I wanted to mindfuck any of you, you wouldn't even know.

    Srsly, I officially withdraw from this. I've already contacted Acostoss to remove my name from the poll, unless @El_Melon wants to save him the trouble and do it for me.


  5. #412262012-10-24 22:57:57XLuciant said:

    Don't forget that the election will end on the 29th so get your vote in before it's too late.

    Also that poll won't be taken into account because you can't actually see who voted for who, for example if one person voted for another person twice. Just keep that in mind.

    @El_Melon thank you for livening up the election.