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  1. [Discussion] Factors of a Game

    #414432012-10-28 06:01:54 *Nagara said:
    So I've been thinking random stuffs about game and creating concepts for games, but I've always had a question in my mind; "What is the Structure or Main Factors that creates a game?", Maybe this is basic, but I'm just not really sure, I've looked up on google and I've found nothing.

    I made this thread for Open Discussions on "The Main Factors of a Game", you can provide examples like;
    [Name of Game]
    |List of Main Factors
    -List of Small factors where it belongs

    The other way around or just list up anything


    |Inventory goes to UI

    |Equipments / Items (Power Ups) goes to "..."

    |Cutscenes goes to "Lore ?", etc

    So far, these are my view on the Main Factors:
    -Lore & Story
    -UI / Menu
    -Social / Community

    Online / Offline are significantly different, and are related to "Social / Community"

    Overall, depending on the Main Gameplay, a game could be defined by a "Genre"

    Please suggest me If you have something that I didn't put up.


    Most of the time, It's the "Where do I put this" question that comes to my mind, like what section do I put Side-quests, Monster-looting, NPC algorithms or Pets/Mounts to ?

    by doing this I hope to know the "Solid Structures" of a game and define each of them :p
    I'm mostly on the MMORPG topic, but feel free to include any type !

    Hopefully this will help myself, gamers, and other peoples with similar aims xD
    Thank you in advance.

    *You're free to use Pictures, Diagrams, Videos or any kinds of medias*
    *Provide Links as well If you have :p*
    -Sorry If It's difficult to read, lol >.>-
  2. #414492012-10-28 06:17:25 *Nagara said:
    Examples of Games:

    -Assassin's Creed
    -Borderlands / TPS
    -Call of Duty / FPS
    -Final Fantasy / RPG
    -Uncharted, Tomb Raider
    -Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry
    -Monster Hunter
    -Little Big Planet
    -Need for Speed
    -Grand Theft Auto
    -Harvest Moon
    -Dragon Age


    -Final Fantasy XI/XIV
    -Dragon Nest

    Examples of small factors may include (Mostly for RPGs / Action / etc);

    -Inventory, Main Menu, Settings, Maps
    -Equipments/Gears, Items/Loots
    -Actions such as Magic, Skills, Abilities
    -Main Quests, Side Quests, Objectives, Missions,
    -Live / Timed events, "pattern" events
    -Crafting, Gathering
    -Cutscenes, Movies, Intros and NPC Texts
    -World, Exploration, Interactions (NPC, environment, etc), Real-time world etc
    -Environments, Weather & Terrain relationships, Weather & Statuses relation
    -Enemy Types, Aggresions
    -Statuses, Parameters
    -Resting / Sleeping (Bonuses)
    -Object Collision, Object Interaction (break objects)
    -Physics, Body movements, Item movements on body
    -Teleportation, Vehicles, Transportation
    -NPC Shops, PC Shops, Trading, Bazaars
    -Repairing, Item Durability, Item Usage Limit
    -Timers, Cooldowns
  3. #414662012-10-28 17:49:35Nagara said:

    Thanks a lot !
    haha, I think I should delete some of those "reserved" stuffs xD I was thinking of putting loads of infos in the future, but I guess not that much :p
  4. #417412012-11-03 17:32:12Xyopq said:

    You know, 363 days ago, I had a similar idea, but it's more about the actual game creation, rather than game concepts. Maybe I'll re-make it on it's anniversary. Or perhaps I won't.

  5. #418412012-11-05 16:35:24Nagara said:
    That's awesome :D Yeah, atm It's just about "Concepts" and "Foundations" since I want to know those concretely.